He Cut Off My Heel – One Year Later

This day last year I was sleeping off some powerful drugs….NO, not in that way, silly!  I was sleeping off some powerful drugs from surgery.  This day last year I had surgery to remove a damaged tendon.  Last spring (2009) I began exercising like crazy and dieting like crazy.  It was a successful year – I lost 35 pounds (all of which I have gained back now – but that’s another entry).  I also managed to damage a tendon in my foot.  Who knows how/why those things happen.  I suspect mine was damaged beyond repair as a result of several factors – exercising (which I’m determined will kill you – but that’s just me) on an already damaged foot that I didn’t know was damaged, walking on numerous uneven soccer fields over the years (I’d appreciate it if they’d fix that – thanks that’d be great) and the way that I naturally walked, on the outside of my feet.  Put all those factors together and you get an irreparable tendon in your foot.

All of that led up to my having foot surgery on December 4, 2009.  Yes, 3 weeks before Christmas I had to have surgery.  If you get queasy about medical information you probably will not want to keep reading.  Just FYI!  You’re welcome!  So, the purpose of the surgery was two fold.  Once Dr. Yu opened up my foot he would determine if the tendon could be repaired or if it would need to be removed completely.  Secondly, he would cut the back of my heel off, shaved a bit of it off and reposition it in order to correct my stance so that the way that I walk could be corrected and it wouldn’t damage the tendon (or the remaining tendon) even more.  I hear your question – why would I choose to do this 3 weeks before Christmas?  Uhhhhh, the pain!  Because I have fibromyalgia my brain tells my body that a small pain is being magnified 100x.  I was beyond the point of limping.  Every step felt like someone was jamming knives into my foot.  Now most of the time a person can compensate for a pain like that by adjusting the way that you do things to “favor” the injured area.  Well, this was a FOOT!  No matter how you favor a foot you are not gonna be able to relieve any of the pain.  As it worked out the timing was just as it should be.  In the days ahead while I share my 2009 Christmas season you will see that God worked the timing just as it should be.

At any rate, a week after the surgery I had the surgical dressing removed in order to get a permanent cast put on.  When the surgical dressing came off THIS is what we found (WARNING: it’s not pretty).


The first picture is right after they took the surgical dressing off.  The second picture is after they cleaned it up some and put on the bandages prior to putting on the cast.  Here is a copy of the XRay taken before the cast.

You can’t see the tendon area.  But you can obviously see the pins that are now inside my foot holding my heel together.  They did end up having to remove the damaged tendon because it was beyond repair.  Thankfully when God created us He happened to put two tendons in the exact same place so when I had one taken out the second one was there.  If at some point that second tendon has to come out then they will have to form a new tendon using a little of this and a little of that from my leg – or something or other.  Rest assured that is not gonna have to happen.

At any rate, this is what happened to me one year ago today.  A lot has happened in this past year.  That is what I intend to share in the next few posts.  Needless to say this time last year our entire lives were getting ready to fall apart.  Thankfully though God has put all the broken pieces back together again.  And at the end of these 12 months I am more aware of miracles today than I ever have been in my entire life.  When God says “But forget all that – it is nothing compared to what I’m going to do! For I’m going to do a brand new thing. See I have already begun! Don’t you see it?” in Isaiah 43:18.19 I can confidently say YES – I DO SEE IT!  And I want you to see it too!



4 thoughts on “He Cut Off My Heel – One Year Later

  1. Wow! What an ordeal! I LOVE how God shows us~often much later than we would like~the good that has come from difficult times. I look forward to hearing more of your story:)

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