Prissy, Precious and Curious

The Hunter animals have so much to say!  None of them really get along much.  Faith wants to play with each of the cats.  But the cats really have very little interest in playing with her.  It’s sort of sad actually.  She and Biskit have been together for 8 years and Faith still gets ignored, hissed at and swatted at.  It’s so cute to watch Faith try to engage her.  But Biskit is really just a snob.  I mean, she is a cat.  She pretty much acts like she owns the place yet I don’t see her making any contribution to paying any part of the mortgage each month. Her attitude is clear though.  She is a prissy snob and she knows it.  Here is a picture to prove it:

Oh and she is desperately in need of a mani/pedi.  Seeing as how I am her personal groomer and she is not the easiest client in the world she doesn’t get regular attention as she would if she was a bit more agreeable.  She has become even less agreeable since we have added Chewey to the family.  I think she is mad at us for bringing him in without consulting her first – seeing as how this IS her house in the first place and she allows all of us to live here with her.

Speaking of Chewey, he is a sweet cat. He’s basically the complete opposite of Biskit.  Perhaps that’s why Biskit is not too partial to having him around.  I think she sees in him what she should be and feels inferior.  Chewey is in love with Lauren. Wherever Lauren is that’s where Chewey wants to be.  He sleeps on her bed – day and night – whether she is home or not.  If he is missing and you wanna know where he is all you need to do is look on her bed or on something that smells like her.  He occasionally comes out and wanders around the house looking out windows or climbing on things.  He pretty much ignores us though.  If he’s in the mood he will come and say hello.  Then he will get a little snack or a drink of water and then head  back upstairs.  Faith tries to make friend with him and he just hisses at her.  He doesn’t really fight her. He just lets her know that “no, I’m not really interested in being your friend”.  So, poor Faith is out of the picture again.  Michael really wanted Chewey to be his cat.  But he has attached himself to Lauren.  Chewey will let you know if he’s interested in anything you have to say.  This picture says it all:

Now Faith is my shadow.  She is the sweetest animal in the world.  We used to have a cat named Tiffum who was sweet as pie.  She would wrap herself around her head on your pillow at night.  She was like glue to us.  It was just me and Ron then.  She was our baby.  That is how Faith is now.  She has the sweetest little personality.  She loves everybody. She tries, as I’ve made reference to already, to be friends with the cats. The rebuff her and hiss and swat at her but she never gives up.  She keeps on trying.  She is 8 years old and acts like a puppy. She loves to play and be loved on.  She is the kind of animal that jumps and loves and kisses you like she hasn’t seen you in years if you just go to the mailbox and back.  Everyone who knows her falls in love with her.  I had so many people say that they wanted me to breed her so they could have one of her puppies.  I spent a year looking for a ‘boyfriend’ for her.  But there just wasn’t any boys good enough for my baby girl.  So, I finally gave up and had her spayed.  I wish I had let her have puppies now though.  I could have made a ton of money if I had breeded her though. Her puppies would have been so precious.  She would have been an amazing mother.  I think her goal in life is to love everyone.  She loves to snuggle, give kisses and be held.  Here’s a couple of priceless shots to show her personality.

Doesn’t she look easy to love there?  I was trying to fold clothes and unpack from some trip and she jumped up and laid right in my way.  she just wanted some attention.  I was obviously spending too much attention to the clothes and not enough attention to her!

So our family pets are just full of personality as you can see. Some of their personality traits aren’t what I would classified as positive but personality nonetheless.  But I love them all.  I would have a whole houseful of animals if Ron would let me. I would live on a farm just so I could fill it up with animals.

I have always wished I had become a veterinarian.  I guess that’s a reasonable choice considering my love for animals though, isn’t it?  I would say a lot of the time I prefer animals to people.  I suppose all of us could say that at one time or another.

I think if/when I ever decide to start a regular weekly blogging challenge I would want it to have something to do with animals.  I just might do that.  Now don’t go running off with my idea. I’ll let you know when I figure it out and decide to do it.  The weekly antics of your animals – how’s that sound?  Sounds like a good challenge for me to start this week.  I’ll get right on that!  Hmmmmmmm – something to think about.


One thought on “Prissy, Precious and Curious

  1. Thanks so much for stopping by! I love meeting new people through blogging! I look forward to reading up on your blog as well and getting to “know” you better! Oh and thanks for the sweet words about our daughter…GG is the light of our lives for sure! Glad you’ll be participating in a few of our memes…they’re fun and all relatively new! Love having more friends join in the fun! Take care!



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