Perfect Moment Monday – Did She Just Do That?

You know how sometimes it’s like pulling teeth to get your teenager to talk to you?  Well my Perfect Moment Monday for this week is about those times that pulling teeth isn’t necessary.  We have a very open line of communication with our kids.  Sometimes they use the open line and sometimes the line has a kink in it.  If you have teenagers then you probably know what I mean by that last statement. Over most of the last 2 years (prior to this school year beginning) getting our daughter to say ANYTHING at all was a battle. Then getting her to say anything positive when she did talk was even more of a  battle.  At that time she was dating a guy that in the beginning we all loved but toward the end we all tolerated for her sake.  When they broke up we started noticing a new Lauren emerging like a butterfly.  It became clear to us that this boyfriend she had for 2 years was dragging her down along with the rest of us.  Once he was out of the picture it was like our entire family was infused with fresh pure oxygen.  During her time with this guy she rarely talked, as I mentioned, so it was hard to know what was going on in her life and/or how to help her deal with whatever she was dealing with.

This guy went off to college in August and apparently he took the grumpy Lauren with him and we had our sweet little girl back again.  Her attitude about everything changed.  She was no longer sullen and angry.  She laughed again.  She plugged herself back into our family again.  We have all noticed the change – including her.  We have all talked about it. I have noticed in the last few months that she is more willing to talk about things that are going on in her life now. It is so refreshing.  The egg shells were gone so we were free to step wherever we wanted with her.  The black cloud that hung over us was gone and the sun was allowed to shine through again.

While all of that sounds like the Perfect Moment Monday for me PMM entry it really is just background to the PMM that occurred a week or so ago.  Her friend Rhiana was over and they had been hanging out in her room most of the afternoon/evening – which is normal when Rhiana is over.  That’s no problem at all.  But Ron, Michael and I were in the kitchen getting dinner together. (yes, I was in the kitchen! NO, that is not the PMM – Grrrrrr)  Lauren and Rhiana came downstairs to share a dilemma she and her current boyfriend was having.  Therein lies the PMM, she openly came to ALL OF US for advice on her problem – even Michael.  Just a few months ago she would never have done that.  The issue she was having was fairly serious – people at school were saying things about Lauren that were not true and her boyfriend didn’t stick up for her. He actually joined in.  I won’t go into all the teenage drama details.  If you have teenagers then I know you don’t need my teenage drama added to it.  HA!  One set of teenage drama is enough!  At any rate, we were all able to talk about the problem, give her advice (which she took on the spot) and explained why the relationship needed to end.  She listened to us!  There was no arguing!  There was no rolling of the eyes!  There was no smart remarks directed at Michael when he added his two cents (which were worth much more then two cents)!

I saw this as a Perfect Moment because a few short months ago this would never have happened.  Our opinions, thoughts and suggestions would have been scoffed at.  And she would have NEVER come to us on her own for our advice – much less taken it!  God is doing a work in her heart.  Our prayer is that she will continue to listen to the Spirit as He guides her.  I have no doubt this was the Spirit working in my 15 year old’s heart.  That indeed makes it a perfect moment and makes it Perfect Moment Monday worthy.

Do you have a perfect moment you would like to share?  Maybe you have a lot of negative moments and need to start focusing on finding the perfect ones.  If so, consider visiting Lori at Write Mind Open Heart and participating in Perfect Moment Monday.  It’s a great way to start out the week – focusing on a perfect moment instead of the negative ones.


6 thoughts on “Perfect Moment Monday – Did She Just Do That?

  1. Well, those of us with very littles ones certainly appreciate this perfect moment- it gets us prepared too! Thanks for your comment too and sharing your PMM

  2. This is another reason the Hunter family is one of my favorites in the whole world! I was happy to meet Rhiana while traveling through Nashville recently, and it was so neat to be able to get to know Lauren’s friend. Pam, you and Ron keep up the awesome work you’re doing as parents! Love you guys!

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