Home Tour Tuesday – Santa Lives Here

Today is Home Tour Tuesday over at Webbisodes.  I came across this site over the weekend and couldn’t wait till Tuesday so I could share.  While my house is nowhere near as beautiful as her’s is there are still parts that I enjoy and would like to share.  The idea is to show areas of your house that you enjoy and spend a lot of time in.  Since it is Christmas the rules for December are just a little bit different.  Here are the instructions for this week – 12/7 Deck the Halls—Show us your Holiday/Christmas Decorations, plus bonus Holiday recipe share (Any good Christmas morning casseroles?)

I collect Santas and am really enjoying the larger ones that I’m finding after the season on sale.  And I can usually find them at yard sales in the spring/summer for very inexpensive prices as well.  I got one very heavy ceramic one that sits on the mantel at a yard sale for $1.  I snatched that bad boy up like it was a lifeline!  It’s supposed to be a stocking holder but I bought all new stocking holders at Penney’s last year for $2/each.  I find some good sales.  The blue stocking I shared yesterday in my Finding The Happy entry was just a few dollars at Cracker Barrel after Christmas at a sidewalk sale.  I would love to have a boatload of Santa’s of some kind – hint hint hint if you are someone reading this who buys me Christmas presents – before or after Christmas.

Anyway, on with the pictures.

So far, this is my table centerpiece.  I’m still unloading boxes though and it could change tomorrow – numerous times.  But for now this is what I’ve got.

Don’t you just love him? He’s got solid wooden legs and isn’t gonna fall apart any time soon!  That’s for sure!

I love him too. He’s on his own little stand! And he’s carrying a bag full of presents – ALL FOR ME, NO DOUBT!!!  What’s not to love!?!?

This is a beautiful cookie jar ornament that Ron’s CFO bought us a couple of years ago.  We have never put cookies in it.  But it is beautiful to use to decorate with.

My second favorite place to decorate is my mantel.  It’s not finished yet.  But I thought I would show you a picture of the temporary decorations dressing it up.  I have strands of holly bushes limbs that I usually weave in and out.  They are so messy though that I usually save them for last.  I’ve had them so long that a lot of the berries are falling off.  I hate to give them up though because they are so lovely and so versatile.  Until I drag them out this is my mantel.

My Santa’s sit on the mantel and await Santa’s arrival.  The stocking holders from Penney’s are very classy looking.  They are heavy and substantial.  They each have adorable little jewels in their design.  Now just a few closeups on of what you see and then the abbreviated house tour is over.

Aren’t those little stocking stuffers adorable!  Such a great find!

This is one of the Santa’s you saw earlier.  The small one is an Anne Geddes baby Santa – so adorable!  No idea where I even found it. But it’s one of my faves.

This larger Santa is actually a tree topper.  We have used it as one a year or two. But most of the time now he stands with his other Santa friends.  Those Santa’s have to stick together, you know!  The final Santa sitting there with his foot hanging over the mantel is the one I mentioned getting at a yard sale for $1.  I think he weighs more than Faith does.  He is solid and I was lucky to come across him.

Can’t wait to see your decorations.  Please go by Webbisodes blog and participate in the Home Tour Tuesday.  You know you always like to see inside someone else’s home just like I do.  Here’s your chance to do it!


6 thoughts on “Home Tour Tuesday – Santa Lives Here

  1. I voted for you on the picket fence. I find that the place I usually spend the most time in my house is not the prettiest, but right now I guess its our living room we have the tree next to our fireplace and our mantel too is decorated pretty, but has accumulated stuff on it, my coffee mug since I sit by the fire place, remote controls and things that are off limits to toddler hands.

    Very nice Santa or Father Christmas, I love Cracker Barrel’s stuff!
    I voted for you on the Picket Fence!

    Heather From and Mommy Only Has Two Hands! and Lynhea Designs

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