I’m very excited to be the Featured Blogger for Heather’s blog over at Acting Balanced.  Please swing by and check out her blog.  It’s a little bit of everything.  She has fun giveaways, book reviews, product reviews – she gives away enough stuff to fill one of my closets!  Right now she’s got lipbalm, CDs, candles and a bunch of other goodies!  And while you’re there you can tell her how amazing her featured blogger is this week…..heeheeheehee – just kidding…..ok, not really…….TELL HER!!!  HA

Just a couple of days ago I was thinking how much time I was spending on my blog and beginning to wonder if anyone paid attention out there.  YOu know, your typical pity party.  I have been entering giveaway contests and twitter contests galore with not a single win under my belt.  Of course, I’m not sure why expected to win anything.  I NEVER win anything.  I honestly can’t think of a single contest I have ever won.  You would think I would get the message.  I guess it’s the stubborn streak in me though. I still keep trying.  It’s probably a good thing I don’t win anything or I would surely die of a heart attack and never even get to redeem my prize.  That would just be my luck!  How embarrassing would that be.  “AND OUR WINNER OF THIS PACK OF TIC-TACS IS….PAM HUNTER!!”  KERPLUNK – “Hello Jesus – is this where I come to pick up my prize pack of tic-tacs?”  Yeah, wouldn’t that be a sight?!?  I would atleast hope it would be over something more substantial like a Snickers bar or something.

My mom won a TV once.  We were on a youth group hayride when I was about 15.  She went as a chaperone and won the prize.  Now that I think about it I’m thinking that isn’t quite fair actually.  It was an event for MY church youth group!!  Hey I think that was supposed to be MY prize!  HEY!!!!!  MY MOM STOLE MY PRIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was a tiny black and white TV – I mean it WAS 1981.  But still I’m quite sure that I was supposed to win that TV.  Why was her name even in the pot?  Seems fishy to me!

At my parent’s church Christmas dinner Saturday night my dad won a calculator large enough to need a briefcase to carry it in.  I think he is still looking for the mousepad and the white apple on the outside of it.  He can keep that prize.  I have no need for a calculator.  I don’t homeschool anymore and no longer have any need WHATSOEVER for any mathmatical figurin’.  Maybe a grammer refresher course but definitely no need for MATH!  Besides I have a son who thinks math “is easy” so I don’t need math as an adult.  What we have always said in high school math class is true you really DON’T need math.  I should have quit math after first grade.  Geez, why didn’t I figure this out before now?

Anyway, my winning prize for this week is being a featured blogger!  And I like it!  I’ll take it!  And I don’t see St. Peter or any pearly gates so I’m thinking this is a safe prize!  Come and see!



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