You Capture – Breakfast Shouldn’t Be This Hard

I have been so excited to participate in You Capture this week.  I have been thinking and thinking and thinking about what picture to take and share.  I’ve settled on this one of our new cat.  Poor thing has a sensitive stomach.  So when he eats he eats a ton and throws up.  It’s just a matter of finding the right food and learning to control his intake of it.  We’ve always had a come and graze kind of eating pattern for our pets.  With the addition of Chewey to the mix this has changed.  His addition to our family has changed EVERYTHING!  WHEW!  I’m too old to do this!  Anyway, I have decided to buy his food in these packages and cut them partially open so he has to eat slow and work for it.  He can’t gourge himself.  He’s very cute working on his breakfast


For other adorable You Capture moments around blogland please go check out Beth’s blog I Should Be Folding Laundry and participate.  It’s becoming one of my favorite blogs to do each week.


4 thoughts on “You Capture – Breakfast Shouldn’t Be This Hard

    • Uh oh – Biskit would totally just sit back and watch the mouse run around. I think Chewey would be all over it like ugly on ape! Hope your finicky cat figures out that mousehunting is his job!

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