Friday Fragments for Half-Past Kissin’ Time

This is my Friday Fragment tidbit post for the week.  I have a couple! I tweeted one from the other night.

Lauren was upset because chewey – the new cat who LIVES on her bed – had thrown up on her pure white down comforter.  It was pretty nasty.  So I told her what to do for it.  She was in the hall taking care of that and mumbling about how DUMB Chewey is and how she didn’t want him in her room anymore – she’s telling HIM this.  Then I hear this huge hissing/growling ruckus.  I imagined two cats rolling in a ball fighting each other in the laundry room. Then I suddenly heard Lauren yelling at them to STOP IT! She said ‘YOU ALL ARE IDIOTS! STOP ACTING LIKE BABIES AND GET ALONG!!!!’  OMG – I was cracking up!  If those cats were toddlers they would have been on the “naughty spot” for sure!

Then this morning Ron and I were discussing our willingness to get back on the losing weight wagon.  I asked about our eating habits. He said he likes to secure his workout schedule first.  I said I like to change my eating habits first and then that would encourage me to exercise.  I said “Let’s compromise and do it my way, k?”!  HAHAHA – because he’s a good husband he agreed.  He laughed and said “ok, we’ll meet in the middle and do it your way.”  HAHA – BAM!!!!!

I love Friday Fragments because it’s not like you have to write an entire post.  It’s more like an extended tweet with a little explanation.  Visit Half Past Kissin’ Time and check out the other Friday Fragment contributions. She is also running a giveaway for a $50 CSN giftcard. Be sure to enter that as well!


4 thoughts on “Friday Fragments for Half-Past Kissin’ Time

  1. Your compromise really made me laugh 🙂 Good luck with that.

    When our last cat died, I thought Kyle would be sad, but he said, “That’s okay. I’m looking forward to not finding cat litter in my bed any more.

    Thanks for entering and sharing the giveaway!

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