Perfect Moment Monday – O Christmas Tree

My perfect Moment for this week has to be Saturday night when we put up the Christmas tree.  I’m sure mine is probably no different than everyone else out there this time of year.  I have been such a good Christmas mood this year.  That doesn’t always happen.  If you read my entry from yesterday you will certainly understand how this year and last year don’t even compare to each other.  But this year things just seem brighter and happier.  I think the Christmas lights in the neighborhood are even brighter this year.

At any rate, I had big plans for Saturday.  Then I ended up with Lauren’s friends here most of the day.  I was a little aggravated by that because I had planned a family day of decorating and putting up the tree.  But we changed things around a bit in the schedule and it all worked out fine.  About 6:30 it was just the 4 of us and the tree thing could commence.  It’s always so much fun to put the tree up.  We love to laugh at the kids homemade ornaments that they made like 10 years ago.  We always make fun of the same ones.  The most pitiful one – honestly – is one that Lauren made.  It is a regular piece of white paper with a snowman drawn on it with PENCIL!  Then the “string” is a strip of that red curling ribbon.  Poor thing!  When I say “making fun” I don’t mean like in a berating way.  We give her a hard time about it.  She tries to throw it away every year.  I fight her on it.  Last year we hung it from the angel on top because Lauren is too short to reach it up there.  This year when we took the angel out of her box it was still hanging on her hand.  The one of Michael’s we always give him a hard time about is a star made out of thick paper.  It is all colored brown except for one point, which is colored yellow.  They are precious to me.  But we always have so much fun making comments about them.  I just love all of them!  When the kids leave home and take their ornaments with them our tree will be bare.  Sad day!  But I buy new ones every year for each of us.  So, someday our tree will be down to just the ornaments that say Ron and Pam on them.  But the kids will get to take their memories with them for their family trees.  After our tree was done we all watched The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe together.  It was just a perfect night!  I loved every single second!  I hope I never forget it!

For more Perfect Moments please visit Lori’s blog, Write Idea Open Heart.  I’m sure you have some perfect moments you could share as well.  Maybe we’ll be reading yours next week!


6 thoughts on “Perfect Moment Monday – O Christmas Tree

  1. Sounds like a wonderful evening. I’m glad you could go with the flow a little when the afternoon felt too cramped.

    Funny how everyone’s trees (I hope most everyone) tell the story of the family or couple’s lives together … ornament by ornament. Thanks.

  2. She might want it someday! One of our favorite ornaments is the candle my Dad finger-painted in kindergarten. He is a peace-loving sort, and wanted no part in the scramble over the red, green, yellow, and blue finger paints. So his candle is festively black.

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