Finding The Happy Warring Hunter Cats

This week has been full of ups and downs with the adventures of the warring Hunter cats.  They are not getting along any better but they are providing endless moments of free entertainment for me.  They still hiss and growl at each other. I’m not sure that will ever end.  But Chewey is learning a few things about himself and his new surroundings.  Thus this week’s Finding the Happy entertainment….

He is a very curious fellow. And boy does he like to jump and explore.  Originally I was using my ever handy squirt bottle to chase him off.  But he’s so adorable it’s hard not to just laugh and grab a camera.  And that makes you, my readers, lucky lucky lucky lucky.  Here comes the cuteness!

What is coming out of that hole in the ceilling? It feels like warm air. How does it do that?

Seriously he was checking out the air vent when the heat came on.  I took about a gazillion pictures.  But don’t worry I won’t share all of them – just about half should do it!

OOOooooooo and what is up here? They have cool places to explore here!

Maybe his little paws will clean off the dust up there.  Hey I could tie those Swiffer dust clothes to his paws and he could just dust for me when he jumps up to all these places.  Make the little man earn his keep!

And now for the attempted escape.  He saw me coming.  He must have thought I had the squirt bottle behind my back.  Wrong Chewey-Chew it’s just a cell phone.

And this scene just warmed me up – more then the fire in the fireplace.  He looked like he was having a little chat with Santa.  I read his mind so I could share it with you.

The animals provide me with so much happiness!  They make the daily struggles I deal with seem so much smaller.  When the day seems dark and blue I just watch them interact and it never fails to make me smile and sometimes even laugh.  I think I need my doctor to write me a prescription for more animals!!  Hey, I like that idea!  Ron will say no and I will say “let’s compromise and do it my way”. Hey it worked before!!

Find more happy moments at the Finding the Happy site.  Better yet – share your own!

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