Home Tour Tuesday – Traditions in Pictures

Better late than never but I am finally getting my Home Tour Tuesday entry in before midnight.  So that counts, right?  HAHA

The other day I had an idea for this entry.  I have been excited to put it together.  I hope it turns out on the screen like it has looked in my head.  Saturday night we put up our Christmas tree.  I wanted to get a picture of each of us putting an ornament on the tree.  The pictures were taken with various cell phones.  I’m hoping the pictures look as good on here as I think they will.  Let’s see, shall we?

Daddy putting on his favorite.  His favorite ornaments are ones that his mom painted when he was little.  They are adorable.  We have several decorations from when he was a little boy.  His parents divorced when he was a teenager and we have a number of decorations from his life growing up before that.  They are special to him as memories from the good days.

My favorite ornament is any of them.  I have a couple that were made for me when I was little.  Most of the ones on the tree are the kids’ ornaments.  You could throw a dart and hit one of my favorites.  So precious – each and every one.

Lauren’s favorite is any of hers that have a soccer ball on it.  HA  I think, secretly, it is really that penciled snowman on that white piece of paper.  But I don’t think she would ever admit it out loud.

Michael’s favorite is a Mickey Mouse one that my mom got for him when he was a baby.  It’s really cute.  You pull a string on the bottom and his arms and legs go up and down.  It’s adorable.  And 17 years later it looks as perfect as the day she got it for him.

A little blurry but there is the Hunter family Christmas tree.  It looks exactly the same every  year yet it gets more and more special each year that goes by.  Oh and Ron made the tree skirt when we first got married.

Thank you for taking a home tour of our Christmas tradition decorating the tree.  I look forward to seeing your pictures of your home tour, decorations and your trees.


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