Phone Photo Friday – Fun Ornaments To Go Around

Today’s Phone Photo Friday entry was an easy one to put together.  I decided to share the Christmas ornaments that we have bought for this year as well as some that I have mentioned here in past days.  And since I always take my pictures with my cell phone this was super easy!

I’m not sure where the history of the Christmas tree and Christmas ornaments came from and I don’t always appreciate it as I should but this year I’m all about it.  I may just have to look that up actually.  I bet that is some interesting tidbits of information.  Who knows, I may just do a whole research project on the history of the traditional Christmas with Santa and the whole shibang!  Sounds like I’m talking myself into some work.  Don’t worry!  You will appreciate!  I promise!

Now I imagine you are probably tired of looking at other people’s Christmas ornaments.  It’s interesting to those of us who have them hanging on our trees but a lot of people are posting pictures of their ornaments.  I think they are beautiful.  I hope you don’t mind me adding mine to the list as well.

These are the ornaments that we love teasing the kids about each year when hanging them on the tree. I mentioned them in the entry the other day.

Just because Lauren's is so well done I decided I should post a close up!

Michael was born 6 weeks before Christmas - this was his first ornament. He is wearing an adorable little reindeer outfit that my first grade teacher bought him.

This is Lauren's first ornament! These two ornaments were the first ones in the buy-a-new-ornament-every-year tradition.

This is our family ornament for this year!

Lauren's ornament this year! Perfect for her!

And Michael's ornament. He didn't actually get his license this year but he liked this one so we improvised!

And not to be left out, this one is Faith's.

The cats didn’t get ornaments this year because they are on our naughty list.  We’ll see how they do next year.  But none of us are holding our breath! SIGH!

I’m expecting everyone’s Cell Phone Photo entries to be of Christmas ornaments this week.  And I’m gonna look at every one of them.  Because if you got this far with mine then you deserve a gander back!  If you don’t participate in Cell Phone Photo Friday you should.  It’s fun to see what everyone takes pictures of.  I positively love taking pictures with my cell phone – that would explain why I have 1200 pictures on mine!  Don’t worry – I won’t post all of them at once…….I know you were concerned!


One thought on “Phone Photo Friday – Fun Ornaments To Go Around

  1. i really like the driver’s license ornament. i hope to find something like that the year my oldest daughter turns 16 and gets her license. she is 12 now so we have a few more years. 🙂

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