Does This Toe Ring Make Me Look Fat?

I will be the first to admit… sense of fashion has never been the sharpest.  I love to shop for clothes.  I love to shop for shoes.  I love to shop for purses.  I love to shop for jewelry.  My problem lies in putting them all together to make something stylish.  Perhaps the problem originates from my poor self image.  I am overweight.  I allow the number on the tag to determine how I feel I look.  If everyone would just go in my closet and replace all the tags with tags that say 4 then I might feel better.  I’ll wait right here while you do that………..**playing the jeopardy song**………..

I feel the most comfortable in a pair of yoga pants and a tee shirt.  That may be the problem.  I don’t worry about how I look around here.  And, honestly, I rarely go anywhere else.  I hate regular clothes.  And I hate shoes.  I wasn’t born or raised in the country.  But I would rather run around town, my house and my yard without shoes on.  I wonder if what I am most comfortable in says anything about me as a person – you know, like I’m a bum…or a redneck…it probably says mostly that I’m lucky I got married when I did because I certainly wouldn’t be able to catch anything now.

My sense of accessorizing has also wained over time.  Ten years ago I was a Premier Designs consultant.  I could wear every piece of jewelry in my case in one day and it not look gawdy.  But most of the time now when I pull out a single necklace I think it looks awful on me.  I used to be able to layer 57 necklaces for church on Sunday.  But now I just walk away from the jewelry case without even trying one on anymore.  I like all kinds of jewelry – bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, anklets, and even toe rings.  I have 3 holes pierced in each ear.  I hardly ever wear 3 pair of earrings anymore.

I really think I was on to something in the first paragraph.  I am overweight and I hate it.  I feel like it’s a waste of time to put forth any effort into trying to look good because I feel like all anyone will ever notice about me is how much I weigh.  I’m sure that every purchase I make will help me to disguise the weight.  Yet when I put a specific shirt on you can see my fat rolls.  When I put on a pair of pants I feel like all anyone is gonna see is my fat thighs.  When I put on a bracelet I worry that people might notice it doesn’t dangle like a bracelet is supposed to.  When I put on a pair of shoes they hurt my feet too much because my feet are a Wide and not many people sell certain styles in a W so I buy 1/2 size up – which feels ok in the store.  But by the time I walk downstairs with them on I’m ruing the day I bought them.  Because I have short stubby fingers even rings don’t look good on me.

I realize this post is probably just a little too honest.  I didn’t intend for it to be that way.  I actually intended to make fun of myself.  I guess I just needed to get some things off my chest.  If you made it this far in the post then you deserve a blue ribbon for listening to my whining.  Every now and then a girl just needs to whine a little.  I hope you’ll forgive me.

Are you finished with those tags yet?  Remember, size 4!!!!!!


One thought on “Does This Toe Ring Make Me Look Fat?

  1. You know me ~ I can relate and then some! Thanks for your ‘honesty’, but while being honest, remember that honesty says you are important in God’s eyes. He loves you just the way you are!

    And I happen to know your husband pretty well ~~ he’s pretty glad to have you around as his wife!

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