10 Lessons I Learned In 2010

I was thinking on the trip to Florida today what exactly I have learned in 2010. No doubt this has been the most challenging year of my life. So, I put together a list of 10 things I learned in 2010. Perhaps you have learned a few things yourself and would like to share them on your blog. If you decide to do so please leave me a link as a comment. I would love to check them out. We may have even learned some of the same lessons. If that is the case then will probably be wanting to know why you didn’t clue me in to save me the lesson as well.

Ok, so here we go: 10 Things I Learned in 2010

1. Cancer is a loser
2. Miracles do still happen
3. You’re never too old to make new friends!
4. My fear about Michael getting his license was totally unneccessary because having a third driver is the greatest thing since sliced bread.
5. When having to share your vehicle with a teenage boy you can expect to be driving around a garbage dumpster when you are allowed to have your car for a day.
6. Having two cats is not as fun as it sounds.
7. I can handle more physically, emotionally and mentally than I ever thought possible.
8. Raising teenagers can be the biggest joy and the biggest pain in the backside!
9. Sometimes those you thought were your friends really aren’t.
10. You’re never too old to feel like a kid!

While those are some really good lessons to learn I am not really anxious to have them challenged anytime soon.

Now let me end this by saying 2010 was the pits! There is nowhere to go but UP in 2011. So, hurry up 2011!!


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