Make It Christmas Every Day

We are now halfway through our Christmas vacation to Florida.  We arrived in Tallahassee Tuesday evening.  It was so wonderful to be back there.  I could have stayed forever.  My Mother-In-Law and Lauren and I went to the mall Wednesday.  I was surprised it wasn’t very crowded.  The crowds is one thing I have managed to avoid for the most part this season.  How did that happen?  But then it could be that I was still in the middle of them but didn’t feel any anxiety because my Spirit is happy and dancing with the Christmas spirit this year. 

Today we left Tallahassee and came to Pensacola.  Oh the amazing sunsets my in-laws have at their house.  They live right on Escambia Bay.  The sunset is always supreme!  The picture I posted earlier was of tonight’s sunset.  I can’t wait till see what God has in store for us tomorrow night.  I will be sure to take a picture for you.  The pictures never do them justice but they do give you an idea. 

I have been thinking all day about the Christmas Eves of the past.  Our family always celebrated Christmas together on Christmas Eve at my grandparents’ house.  Now Christmas Eve always seems like it should be the actual Christmas Day.  But I am learning that every day can/should be Christmas in our hearts.  We should show love, compassion and charity to all those around us every day of the year.  We should strive to stay close to family – not just on holidays.  We should celebrate the birth of Christ every day by living for Him and thanking Him for his gift of salvation to us.  Why does it have to be Christmas before we think to thank God for the gift of His Son?  As Christians we need to always show him our love and appreciation for his sacrifice.  My goal for 2011 is going to be to make Christmas every day in my heart – no matter where I am or what I am doing. 

Just as Mary pondered things in her heart so I want to ponder them in mine – no matter where I am, what I am doing or what day of the year it is.  God gave us the greatest gift and through His Son we have the promise of salvation and a new life in Him.  One day I will go to Heaven and stand before my Savior.  I want to be able to tell Him that I remembered His gifts and lived them every day in my heart. 

John 3:16 – For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. 

Now there is the greatest gift of them all.  My prayer is that you have accepted His gift.  My prayer is that you when you see a beautiful sunset or the glory of nature you will remember to thank God for it.  His gifts continue when we give Him glory for all He has done.


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