Thursday Thirteen – The Journey to Health

It’s been a while since I have done a Thursday Thirteen list.  I figure it’s about time to get back to normal – well, as normal as I can get.  I’m a little on the odd side.  I admit it.  You, however, canNOT refer to me in the way.  You can only refer to me as fabulous, beautiful and perfectly normal! Got it?  Good!

So I decided to share thirteen things I want to do/accomplish in 2011.  Notice I did not refer to them as resolutions.  I chose not to use that word mostly because I wanna be different.  If there is anything I am – it is different.  I like to do things my way.  That’s because I am unique.  Plus I feel that using that word kind of sets me up to fail because most “resolutions” don’t stick beyond the first week.  Therefore, this is my list of things I would like to accomplish in 2011.

1.  Eat healthier – more fruits/veggies – less sugar – SIGH! This one won’t be easy because I am a sugar addict!  I am trying to avoid having to go to sugar rehab…

2.  Move Move Move – that means exercise for those of us who don’t speak exercisese

3.  Read 30 books in the 365 days of 2011. Especially non-fiction – to please Ron. He seems to be obsessed with the fact that I don’t read non-fiction books.  Therefore, I’m gonna put ONE non-fiction book in the pile to make him happy.

4.  Lead a Beth Moore Bible study at church. Deciding which one is the biggest challenge.  I’m leaning toward her David study so far.

5.  Not miss ANY soccer games this year.  I don’t have many more seasons of games to go to before the kids graduate and head to college. So, I don’t want to miss a single game between now and then.

6.  Pursue any methods of treatment my doctor, Dr. John Nwofia, recommends I try.

7.  Get a dental consultation to see about fixing my teeth.  Get started on fixing them. This will include dental implants. $$$$$$$$$  Time to realize it’s gonna cost money but that it has to be done.

9.  Begin getting a regular massage in order to help with my Fibromyalgia.  Insurance should pay for massages!  Just my opinion!

10.  Begin the disability process.  I know it’s gonna be long drawn out process.  The longer we put it off the longer it’s gonna take.  But the $$$ will help tremendously – no matter how small it may be.  Two kids in college at the same time isn’t gonna be cheap.  Praying the disability will go through!

11.  Improve my writing skills.  Everyone tells me I am a good writer.  I intend to work on it so that I will be able to accept that compliment and believe it.

12.  Do more cooking.  Again – everyone tells me I am good at it.  I just hate doing it.  But I figure if I do it more often I will expand my collection of recipes.  I may even learn to like it.

13.  Make myself more available to my children and their friends.  I want to be the cool mom so that one day my relationship with the kids (and their friends) will be close and not distant and awkward.

There you have it!  My list addresses all areas of my life – not just the physical health but also emotional, spiritual, mental and relationships.  By the time 2012 rolls around I want to be a completely new person – one that the me of today wouldn’t even recognize.  I want to be a better and more rounded (NOT literally though) person!

What goals have you set for yourself for 2011?  I would love to read them.  We could encourage and support one another in our journey to a healthier life.


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