You Capture – Things I Love

This week’s challenge for You Capture is to take a picture of something you love!  Oh my word!  There is no way I can choose just one picture for that.  So here are a few things that I love.  So here are a few things that I love!

This is a quilt that my great-grandmother made for me when I was little.

I keep it hanging on the wall because it is so thin and has holes in it and everything.  The shelf is one that a man made for me in one of the churches we pastored in Florida.  It was stained brown but when we moved here I painted it white because our trim is white.  The little plastic dog on the right is a night light that my Mamaw kept in my room at her house.  Each of the pictures are ones of Ron and I on different cruises we went on.  I have other cruise pics but they don’t fit on the shelf.

My wonderful tub of course!

Ron decorated our bathroom for me as a gift a couple of years ago.  I couldn’t get far enough back to get a good picture.  But there are flowers and candles in the window sill.  It is nice and deep and a fab soaking tub!

My and my man!!

Isn’t he handsome!?!?  I sure love that man.  He is the perfect man for me.  When God created him I am forever grateful that he had me in mind to partner with him in life.

My two blessings

And God blessed me with these two amazingly incredible children.  Words don’t even begin to describe how I love them.

My sweet Faith

No list of things I love would not be complete without a picture of my sweet Faith.  She is the perfect little cuddle buddy.  She loves people and loves to snuggle.  She just loves to love!

Ok, now that I have gone to the You Capture site over at Beth’s blog, I Should Be Folding Laundry, I realize that I got the theme wrong.  For some reason I just can’t seem to get this challenge right each week.  HAHAHA  So, anyway, we are gonna pretend like the theme was things I love this week, ok?  OK!  Each week you are to share a picture that you take that matches the given theme (Hmmmmmmm), which I always mess up.   The you visit Beth’s blog and link it up.  It’s really fun!  And you get to visit a lot of really great blogs to see what they have to share as well.  I hope you will swing by and consider participating. I wanna see what You Capture!


14 thoughts on “You Capture – Things I Love

  1. I would love to participate in the theme, but my blog has some kind of technical quirk going on and I can’t post pictures. Waaaaa! I’m switching to a new host and they are supposedly transferring everything NOW, so I hope to be up and running (WITH pictures) again soon. For now, I have to stick with text and html code in my posts!

    • It’s a fun challenge each week. Of course I haven’t gotten the theme right yet. HAHA I’ve been doing it for 2 months. I know Beth must think I’m a bit challenged in the intelligence department! I promise the blonde is not natural. heeheehee But still – it’s fun! Let me know when you are up and running with pics.

      • Will do! I am a natural blonde (although, at this point, it’s a really dirty dishwater type of blonde mixed with gray). Bleh! DD & I are planning a trip to a local shop soon! 🙂 It’s new. We stopped in a few days before Christmas, but it’s a cash or check only place and we had neither that day. We always use debit cards.

    • Oh, and I just added your button to my blog. I always get a kick out of it when I find my button on someone else’s blog (or am told it’s there), so I thought you might want to know. *grin* You can find it on the Yes, Even More Blogs page in the So Many Blogs tab. 🙂 I haven’t been very good at updating the blogs I follow “just because” but I’ve been working on it today.

      • I tried to add yours and just noticed that it didn’t work. Not sure why. Hmmmmmm Will have to check it out. You might know more about why than I would. Especially today when my head is hurting so bad. The code is actually under the “Friends I Visit Often” section of my sidebar. I have a hard time getting some codes to work properly with a regular WP blog. I wish I could talk hubs into letting me purchase my own personal But so far it’s a no-go. But thanks for the add!

      • LOL! I see it up there looking all texty. Tech issues can be so annoying! I have learned a TON since I started blogging in late ’09, but there is SO MUCH MORE that I don’t know! I can’t add anything to my sidebars (long story), yet another reason why I’m switching to another host. So, all of my ads, buttons, etc. have been exactly the same for several months. I’m glad I have been using pages for adding buttons. Otherwise, I would not be able to promote anyone (unless I put them in an actual post). Anyway, if I figure out a reason why my code is not working for you, I’ll tell you. Don’t hold your breath!

        I don’t know if this will help or not, but I came across a host that does blog hosting for a mere $25 a year. That even includes the domain name! But, I had issues doing a “simple” export/import of my blog and simply could not get the files to do what they asked me to do in order for them to move the blog for me. So, now I have a $25 domain name! LOL! But, it would be a great way for someone to start out with a hosting blog. If you’re intersted, let me know. 🙂

  2. OK, here’s a thought ‘cuz it happens to me sometimes. Did you grab the WHOLE code? Sometimes, I hafta scroll up and down and side to side to see everything and snatch it. The other day I grabbed one that looked empty at first. LOL! You probably got it all, but here it is (just in case):

  3. Someday I will have a giant tub like that to soak in too. And I love that you have it surrounded by flowers and candles too. So beautiful.

    • I think it’s a beautiful way to decorate actually. I have another one that I need to hang up as well. I just haven’t done it yet. I’ve hung them both up together before.

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