Do You Need A Friend?

Today is January 2, 2011.  And it is a Sunday.  It happens to be the second day of this month’s NaBloPoMo challenge.  I thought the best entry I could write today on the theme of Friends is my friend who sticks closer than a brother – my Savior, Jesus Christ.  I realize some of you, my readers, may not know my Jesus as I do.  My prayer is that you may gain a better understanding of who He is from the life I live and write about here.  

As a sufferer of Chronic Illnesses I often find myself alone in my house for days on end with just my family coming and going.  I do have friends but unless I got to THEM I do not see them.  My earthly friends have lives of their own and they live on with their lives without including me.  I will be honest here and say that this hurts.  I used to have friends who would come by or invite me to things.  After having to turn them down because of having bad days the invitations dwindle until there is none.  Occasionally my neighbors will invite me to things.  And honestly I would love nothing more then to be included in their activities, parties and outings. There are times that it works out and I am up to participating.  Unfortunately though most of the friends I have, as I’ve said, have pretty much stopped asking.  That leaves me alone with myself.  Loneliness is one of the saddest parts of living with a chronic illness. I think people believe they are doing me a favor by not inviting me to events/activities because it makes me feel bad to have to say no.  However, the fact that they no longer asks hurts more then having to say no to them.

That makes me think about what it means to be a true friend.  Obviously, in my situation the first thing that comes to my mind is someone who is willing to put forth the time and patience into pursuing time with a person – even when the other person has to turn down opportunities.  A true friend is one who you can feel free and open to share your inner most thoughts with without fear of judgement.  That’s hard to come by in people these days.  I have been burned by so called “friends” before and it makes it very difficult to trust people in the future.  A true friend is one who comforts you when you need comforting.  They are available with the right words to say at the right time.  They are never too busy to be there for you when you need them.  You always feel like they are with you even when they aren’t because you are kindred spirits.

You may think there is noone like what I am describing for you in your life.  Sometimes I even forget that there is someone like that in MY life.  As I mentioned before most of my friends have seemingly moved on to new friends who in my mind are less work.  However, I do have a friend who I carry within me at all times – every second of every day – good days and bad days.

Throughout time God has proven Himself to be a friend to man (woman).  Even in the Garden of Eden God enjoyed walking with Adam and Eve in the garden (Genesis 3:8).  He spoke to Moses face to face like a friend (Exodus 33:11).  He referred to Abraham as His friend many times (See Isaiah 41:8 & James 2:23).  David was referred to by God as “a man after my own heart”. (I Samuel 13:14 & Acts 13:22).  Even Job, after all that he suffered, recognized God as his “intimate” friend (Job 16:20 & Job 29:4).  Jesus was often judged for being a friend to sinners and associating with them (Matthew 11:19 among many other passages).

As a Christian I have the Spirit of God within me and he is ever present.  So, the times I feel the most alone I really am not. As David wrote in Psalm 18:24 in spite of having friends who come and go I have a true friend who is closer then a brother.  This friend is Jesus.  I am never alone.  And you, my friend, can have the same!

(If you do not know Jesus as your personal friend and Savior please feel free to email me at SoccerMomtoMandL (@) comcast (dot) net and I would be glad to tell you how you can know Him in such a way.)

*All scripture references can be read online at Bible Gateway if you do not have a Bible handy.


8 thoughts on “Do You Need A Friend?

  1. I’ve only participated in NaBloPoMo in November. I’m glad we’re in the same blogging clan, you words are very powerful; I’m so glad you shared.

    • Thank you so much! I write to provide inspiration and information for those who need a clear understanding of the aspects of my life from my chronic illnesses to parenting to my spiritual walk. I hope that you will come by for another visit soon. I will go check out your blog now as well. Have a great day! – Pam

  2. That was amazing. I don’t have chronic illness that keeps me away but… I still sometimes feel the same way about friends as I happen to live kind of far traveling distance from many of my friends… and so either it’s hard for them, or hard for me to come visit and so over the years our friendships have dwindled to mostly saying “hi, bye, we should get together,” over and over again in passing at church. So… I don’t get EVERYTHING you must go thru but I do get the friend part.

    I DO know Jesus as my Savior too, and I admit your post makes me convicted about making sure I REMEMBER that He is not just my Savior but also my Friend. I think I need to think on that a bit more this year. 🙂 Thank you!!!

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