Sundays In My City

Today I begin a new challenge called Sundays In My City.  Each Sunday I will share a picture of some scene from my beautiful city, Nashville.  If you visit Mami’s site and check out the other SIMC links you can get a cyber tour of cities all over the world on Sundays.  I love Nashville and I am looking forward to sharing bits and pieces of it with you each Sunday.  

Today’s entry is a picture of the steeple of our church, The Donelson Fellowship.  It was taken from a window in our Lifegroup classroom one Sunday morning before class started.  Our classroom is on the second floor (3rd floor if you count the basement – I never know if you count the basement.  But my ignorance is for another entry…)


The Donelson Fellowship


I would love to take a cyber tour of your city each Sunday.  Check out Mami’s site and consider participating in Sundays In My City each week.  I have my bags packed and I’m ready to travel to your city.  And I look forward to your visit each week to my beautiful city as well.  See you next week!  Your place or mine?


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