A Forever Friend Who Just Plain Makes Me Happy

Happy Monday!!!  Mondays here at The Journey Leads Home means Happy Happy Happy sharing!!!  There is Finding the Happy and Perfect Moments.  I love focusing on the happy things.  Focusing on the negative is so easy and honestly it never leads to happiness.  I have learned over the years that it is healthier physically as well to think on positive things.  Proverbs 23:7 says “For as he (a person) thinks in his heart, so is he.”  So, if you find yourself always focusing on the negative then that is what you will be.  I think I will make that a new year’s resolution – to think on the happy more and focus less on the negative.  That sounds like a nice addition to my healthier living goals for 2011.  Maybe you will join me in that.

ANY-SO-WAY, I didn’t mean to turn this in to a post on focusing on the positive instead of the negative.  Really, I didn’t!  That does, however, sound like a good idea for a future post.  But THIS post is meant to be about perfect happy moments with a friend – see there, I’m combining 3 posts into 1 – Finding the Happy, Perfect Moments and today’s NaBloPoMo entry on friendship.  How clever am I?  Wait – don’t answer that….This post is intended to share about my special lifelong friend, Tina.

Tina and I have been friends since we were born just a few weeks apart.  Our families attended the same church.  We grew up together from babies.  Over the years we have been in and out of touch.  But ever time we touch base with one another it’s like we’ve never been apart. Do you have a friend like that?  Aren’t they just the best kind of friends?  Until a couple of years ago when I joined FB we had not been in touch in probably 8 years.  We hadn’t said one word to one another in all that time.  When we pastored in Central Florida she still lived in Ohio and we found one another via AOL Instant Messenger.  We would talk nearly every evening.  Before that we hadn’t spoken in probably 10 years.  But our friendship goes back so far and was so ingrained that no matter how much time had passed we could pick up like it had just been yesterday the last time we talked.

During the time that my dad was so sick I was updating my FB status with regular updates.  I was innudated with prayers and well wishes from people all over the world.  Tina was sure to ask regularly how he was and always offered to do any and everything she could for my parents (they all live in Ohio while I live in TN).  She was a faithful friend.  I don’t think many days went by without her writing to ask how he was or to connect with me via FB chat to check on him.  During that time I made many trips to Ohio.  She made special trips to the hospital or to my parents’ home to bring food.  She was the truest friend a girl could ask for during the most stressful and painful time of our lives.

Many times I would be in Ohio without a car because Ron would bring me and then have to come back home to work.  Just for information when we fly we always fly Southwest.  Southwest only flies in/out of Columbus and Cincinnati – which is about the same distance from my parents’ house.  One particular trip I was needing to fly back home because Ron wasn’t able to come get me.  My mom is not comfortable driving in big cities and my dad was not physically able to take me up there to the airport (an hour drive).  My girl, Tina, offered without hesitation that she would take me.  The day I was to fly home happened to be her day off work.  I was still hobbling around on crutches with a cast on my leg.  She carried my bag for me and pushed me a wheelchair.  We talked non-stop the entire way.  There wasn’t a second of awkward silence.  She proved herself a faithful friend once again as she had numerous times before over the years.  She makes me happy just being in my life.  If/when all other friends fail me I know I can pick up my phone and text Tina and she will be there.  We text at least once a week now.

My Perfect Moment is just having her in my life.  I am sharing the Finding The Happy picture we took during one of the visits when she visited my parents and I’m sharing a happy moment for her when she got married to the man of her dreams in November.

Me and Tina

My Beautiful Friend as A Beautiful Bride

Tina, I love you!  You are a true friend that I am blessed to have in my life.  You are a forever friend. Everyone should be as blessed as me to have one!


12 thoughts on “A Forever Friend Who Just Plain Makes Me Happy

  1. Awww, I love this. This is like Kim and myself. We have gone years without contact and when we find each other again, its like no time has passed. They are one of the greatest friends to have. You are blessed :)….Alli

    • Yes they are!!!! I suspect one day we will be able to say the same about US as well! We just have to go longer than one day without talking in order to find out. 😉

      Going to check out your new blog now!

  2. Thanks for the kind words Pam! I am so very thankful that we can stay in touch! BTW, I feel exactly the same about you! I know that I can count on you day or night for a prayer! Love you and your family so much! God bless!

  3. I have one of those special, lifelong friends. Her name is Leigh Anne and we have gone through periods of not being able to communicate, but each time we get reunited, it is like no time has passed.

    She is a blessing.

    I’m glad that you have that special blessing in Tina!!

  4. True friends are the blessings we’re given by the Lord! I’m so grateful when I see posts like this one where people are posting about their wonderful friends. There are too many people in the world who are only out for themselves. It gives my heart hope to see friendships like this one 😀

  5. I just loved this! I detest many things about Facebook, but it is nice for “rediscovering” old friends. My best friend moved my freshman year, and we kept in touch until college until we permanently lost touch. I rediscovered her through her daughter’s FB page, and now we’re together again–at least in cyberspace!

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