True Confessions of Honest Intentions

Being part of the Sisterhood of Shrinking Jeans site also means your have to be honest.  Being honest about weight loss is difficult and sometimes humiliating.  It’s also an exercise in vanity or the lack thereof.  But if you have ever tried to lose weight as a part of a supportive community you realize that eventually you are going to have to admit to bad choices.  Sharing the good choices and the good results are easy.  But sharing the bad choices and failures is also part of the deal. Not only is it beneficial for your journey it is also beneficial for those walking the path with you who experience slips on the path.  It’s helpful for all of  us to realize we are not alone and that we are not the only ones who have bad days and make bad choices. 

That is what True Confession Tuesday is all about.  Each Tuesday I will share the bad choices I have made in the last week.  I share them for MYSELF.  I share them for YOU.  I share them for the process because it IS part of the process.  No weight loss journey is perfect.  And that is the purpose of True Confessions Tuesday at the Sisterhood of Shrinking Jeans.

While I have lost 2 pounds since last Wednesday I have not exercises a single day!  I have good intentions.  Every morning I wake up and think “This is the day I’m going to start exercising”.  However, I have yet to carry through with that statement.  I THINK about exercising.  I’m exercising in my mind.  I think about all those days in my previous weight loss journey when I actually DID exercise.  I see myself walking around the block.  I see myself stretching on the floor.  I even FEEL myself stretching.  I look at the floor at imagine myself doing stomach crunches.  I HEAR the woman on my yoga DVD telling me to breath deeply in the downward dog position.  I take a deep breath and visualize the oxygen flowing through my blood.  I visualize my lungs filling themselves full of oxygen.  I feel the energy it brings to my body.  However, I have yet to actually DO any of it.  It disappoints me.  It makes me feel like a failure.  I have good intentions.

I WILL one day roll myself on to the floor and actually do all of those things I am visualizing.  I will actually one day put on my Saucony’s and walk out my front door and put on foot in front of the other to walk the mile around my block.  But as of yet none of that has happened.  And that is the truest confession I can make at this point in my journey to a healthier life.  If good intentions counted for anything I would be the size of a toothpick and running marathons.  But for now I will click the “list” button on my TV remote and see what I will decide to watch next on my DVR.

Do you have some things to confess?  Do you have some weight to lose?  Check out the Sisterhood of Shrinking Jeans and join me on the journey.


8 thoughts on “True Confessions of Honest Intentions

  1. You are visualizing and that is good!

    Now allow me to be bossy! GET UP AND GET MOVING!! You will feel SO much better. I promise. It’s a cycle. You exercise, you have more energy, you get more done, and then you WANT to exercise because that feeling is addicting.

    You know it’s true, so make it happen!

    • Yes, I do know it’s true! And it is a wonderful feeling! I will move today! I will move something besides my fingers on this keyboard and my fingers on the remote! By the end of the day I will roll onto the floor and move SOMETHING! I promise!! SIGH!

    • A plan does nothing for me! I work best with spontanaeity! I will do it today! I think just writing this helped me. Thank you a bunch for the encouragement.

  2. Whew! I have been there, visualizing myself doing the exercises, but not actually doing them. I need to get back into exercising mode. It has been too long. That is my confession.

    In a totally unrelated moment…thank you so much for your kind comment on my video. I will gladly claim you as a sister. I am sorry for the things that you had to go through, but love to see that you are living in Christ’s freedom. Please let me know if you do make a video. I would love to see it. Blessings to you.

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