Phone Photo Friday – Keep Those Toes Cozy

A few weeks ago I won a $100 gift code for from Mrs. 4444s at Half Past Kissin’ Time.  I had never heard of the site but I was thrilled once I started looking around. They have every thing you could think of.  Anyway, I bought a rug to replace one I have had for about 100 years in the kids’ bathroom.  I finally gathered enough energy to get it in there today.  I’m still waiting for another delivery.  I’ll take a picture of it when it arrives as well.  You will all be so excited – it’s a slow cooker!  See – you can hardly contain your excitement, can you?  I’m really very excited about that one as well.  Yes, I hate to cook.  But most of the things that I DO cook I do them in my crock pot.  I wanted a larger crock pot.  This one is a quart larger.  I think it will be plenty.  Ok, on with the rug.

New rug in place

I thought I should take a picture of the shower curtain up close so you could see the colors and that it actually matches.  And here are a couple of other close ups of the print in the rug as well.  I really just love it!

Close up of the pattern

Close up of the rug

Thanks for sharing the excitement of my new rug.  Not many exciting things happen around here as you can tell if a new rug makes me so happy.

4 thoughts on “Phone Photo Friday – Keep Those Toes Cozy

  1. Thanks for stopping by from FPF. Isn’t it a great linky party?? I am so excited for you that you won a gc. I have never really looked on the CNS site but have heard alot of grea

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