Sometimes You’re the Bird and Sometimes You’re The Pig

I’ve been playing a lot of Angry Birds lately.  If you follow me on Twitter (and, honestly, why WOULDN’T you) you have probably seen a lot of tweets about how frustrating it is.  I’ve been playing a lot lately because I have not been feeling well since we got back from our trip to Florida over Christmas.  So, what else am I gonna do if I’m laying in bed all day but play games and tweet about it?

In case you have been living under a rock lately and aren’t familiar with the game Angry Birds it is about a game where you send birds flying into various scenes to blow up these annoying pigs.  Sometimes the pigs are wearing helmets and that makes them harder to kill.  I even noticed today that one of those dadgum pigs smiled at me after I missed him.  THE NERVE!!!!

Because I am so philosophical I began thinking about how life and relationships are kind of like the game Angry Birds.  Sometimes we are soaring along through life as one of the birds just cruising along when we encounter a pig.  That pig may be an enemy or a friend.  We don’t always stop to think about which one before we aim and shoot.  It kind of goes back to my post from the other day about watching how we treat other people.  If someone comes at us with little notice we can get hit without even knowing for sure what hit us. They may be hitting us with the truth or they may be hitting us just because they are angry or have something going on in their life that makes them oblivious to how their words may hurt us.  Certain people just don’t think before they speak and are unaware of how it feels to be hit without notice or warning.

But then there are other times when someone can throw a barb at us and they miss us. Maybe we are wearing our armor of wisdom and can see the hit before it arrives. Or sometimes we can see it coming but have enough clarity to roll out of the way.  I kind of think of those times as the ones when we just walk around prepared for anything.  Yes we are still vulnerable but perhaps we are “prayed up” enough to be able to see beyond the other person’s hit.  I wish I was more prayed up and ready.  The Word tells us clearly in Ephesians 6:11 to “put on the full armor of God so you can stand against the devil’s schemes“.  That’s the one I wanna be. I wanna be the pig with the helmet on who can smile after the hit and miss.

So sometimes you are the bird and sometimes you are the pig.  Which one are you?  And if you find yourself being the pig are you guarded with your armor ready to smile knowing that you have avoided the hit?  I hope so!  I wanna be.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes You’re the Bird and Sometimes You’re The Pig

  1. Hiya,
    I’m Ellie your newest follower and an Angry Birds addict! I installed the App. to my iPad and seriously those pigs smile every time you miss them. I think the exploding birds should explode MORE and do more damage. lol Anyhow, I found you on Blogelina Clan and I would love you to stop by and follow back.


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