Comfort, Protect and Support and ENORMOUS Relief

I’m using one of Mama Kat’s writing prompts for today’s post.  I wrote yesterday about parenting teenagers.  This entry will sort of mix together her prompt “A Moment You Truly Felt Relieved”.  It will also lead into this week’s Perfect Moment Monday.  You will understand why as you read on.

The first week of December 2009 was difficult in numerous ways. I will just write a few of sentences of explanation so you can see where I’m coming from.  I had foot surgery on December 4, 2009 and my In-Laws (Ron’s Dad and StepMom, Rose) came up to stay with me because I had to stay off my right foot but Ron was super busy wrapped up in meetings from daylight till after bedtime each day that week.  So, I was pretty much confined to my bed.  But my MIL was here to run the house for me.  We timed the surgery when we did so that Michael would be able to do the driving to/from school since I wasn’t able to drive for 8 weeks. So, he had his license for about 3 weeks by this first week of December.

Now on with the relief and perfect moment! So one afternoon after school I was waiting to watch the kids walk by my bedroom after getting home from school.  My FIL came into my room and said “First of all everyone is ok”.  This came out of the blue so I replied with some smart remark like I always do with him.  That is our relationship.  Shoot, that’s my relationship with just about everyone. HA I looked over at the doorway and Lauren and two of her friends were standing there – faces white as sheets.  No one but me was smiling. I looked at my FIL and he said “Michael had an accident but everyone is ok”.  I still thought he was joking.  That’s how we are with each other so it was natural for me to assume that – by the way.  I said “No he hasn’t!  This is a joke.”. He didn’t crack a smile and he said “It’s true”.   I immediately insisted that he take me there (remember, I am just a few days post surgery and in a cast – doing good to hobble to the bathroom).  He said “No you don’t need to go there because everything is fine”.  Then the girls came in and I could see that it wasn’t a joke.  They told me what happened.  He caused an accident just because of a mistake that anyone else would do as well.  He thought he had a green arrow to turn but it was really just a green light – which meant that the oncoming cars also had a green light. Because he had the arrow he thought they were going to stop and he had the right of way.  So a car hit him which then pushed him into another vehicle.  So – I insisted that my FIL was going to take me to the scene which was 1.5 miles from our house.  I got my crutches and headed for the stairs – which I had to sit down and scoot down (quite funny to see I’m sure).  I called Ron and he assured me that Michael and everyone else was ok.  He said they were on their way home soon.

I was so thankful for my in-laws presence as well.  The fact that they were there comforted me.  We love each other as family should.  They kept me calm and helped me stay that way.  You see, we aren’t only family, we are friends. Comfort, protect and support – that’s what family AND friendship is all about.

By the time I got downstairs Michael was walking in the door.  My little boy was so scared and so shook up.  I was so scared about what MIGHT have been.  But I was also so relieved that I was standing in my living room holding my baby boy and not sitting next to him in a bed in the hospital. I was eternally grateful for God’s guiding hand on him and beyond relieved that everything truly was ok.  And I was overjoyed that things didn’t go as bad as they could have gone.  The moment I realized that and had him in my arms was the perfect moment because I knew all was well.


One thought on “Comfort, Protect and Support and ENORMOUS Relief

  1. OMG. My heart stopped a bit while reading. I’m so glad this turned out the way it did. I be Michael is a very safe left-turn driver as a result.

    Sounds like you have an awesome relationship with your inlaws!

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