The Spoon Bouquet

After I wrote about the Spoon Theory last week I got to got to thinking about how I can best get my family to understand the theory – therefore, better understand me.  I had in mind to get an inexpensive vase and maybe some old spoons from goodwill and make a spoon bouquet on the table each day.  I thought I could restock each morning and readjust the number of spoons throughout the day so that everyone can SEE just how things are going inside my skin.

Saturday Ron was going out to the store and asked if I needed anything.  I told him about my idea, which he thought was brilliant, of course!  He said he would take care of it for me.  I love him!  He knows how important awareness is to me among the kids.  He loved the idea of having a visible reminder of how Mama is feeling.  He was gone for about 3 hours.  When he got back this is what he had:

Spoon Bouquet

Here I was expecting this vase of old dented spoons but he came back with this adorable little display.  Yes, those are Baskin Robbins spoons!  I asked him where the ice cream was that went with the spoons.  He said ice cream wasn’t good for my diet – which is true – which I was grateful for.  But still, would a scoop of chocolate fudge ice cream have killed him?  Even if it would have cost me a spoon afterwards.

Both of the kids asked me very quickly what was up with the spoons on the table.  I got a chance to explain it to them.  I think it’s working.  I pointed out that the less spoons that are in the jar the worse (and more exhausted) I feel.  They liked the easy reminder of being able to SEE how I am feeling – especially if I am spending most of the day in the bed like I have been lately.

At any rate, I thought his idea was brilliant – not to mention considerably less expensive than mine.  THAT is no surprise.  Feel free to swipe the idea. I hope it helps to raise the awareness to your family about how you are feeling each day as well.


13 thoughts on “The Spoon Bouquet

  1. You know, I read that and had to laugh ~ literally chuckle out loud! Obviously not about the pain and the junk you put up with while dealing with fibro, but about wanting the ice cream with the spoons. The mental picture was pretty incredible!

    On a serious note, Ron is incredible at putting feet on those visionary, creative ideas that are given to him. He has the unique ability to take one of those creative ideas and give it even more zip with his amazing creativity. You did good! (And he didn’t do so badly himself!)

  2. I have been trying to figure out to ‘know’ how many ‘spoons’ I have on a given day. I am fairly new at this fibro. diagnoses and am still having trouble learning what is ‘too much’ BEFORE I overdo it! I love your idea, I just wouldn’t have a clue how many spoons to put in mine~lately pretty near zero I think:)

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  4. I love how cheery these pink spoons are, although they’d probably make me crave Baskin-Robbins ice cream! I can’t wait to hear how your family responds to using it for awhile, please let me know. Your spoon bouquet is like the jar of marbles technique I wrote about.

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