Two Of The Worst Friends Ever

You know – there are just some parties who should never be friends. It’s not healthy for either one of those involved and it’s awkward for everyone around them.  If either one of the parties are quick to fire and slow to think through their actions then it isn’t gonna end well.  It may be natural to think that they would make great friends. Perhaps those around them think they have some pretty obvious similarities that would make them compatible, that isn’t always the case.  They may be too much alike.  One may be more territorial than the other.  One may not like to share their time or space with another – no matter how much they are like.  Of course it’s possible each is too set in their ways to allow another around them.  No matter how much someone may want them to be friends sometimes it’s just not going to work!  It’s best to not even try.  Some relationships shouldn’t be forced. Now none of this means either of the two parties are bad.  It just means that the two of them aren’t meant to get along.

So if you have one cat who is territorial and likes her privacy I don’t recommend adding another cat to the mix – unless of course you don’t mind catfights with hissing, growling and rumbling.  Just take my word for it and don’t do it!  You won’t be sorry!


One thought on “Two Of The Worst Friends Ever

  1. Awww…Biskit and Chewey still haven’t settled down? Noel & Hunter have come to an agreement…they agree to hate each other (Ha). Occasionally he attacks her, but it’s died down a lot. Never had 2 animals not get along before. It’s not pleasant.

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