Power of One: On To Week Three

Today is Shrinking Jeans Power of One Check In Day.  I’m glad I weighed this morning because I’ve just done nothing but eat all afternoon.  So frustrating!!  It’s been a good two week start actually.  I didn’t write a Power of One entry last week.  I wish I had but I just didn’t get to it.  I haven’t gotten to seriously start exercising until last night.  I did my first Tworkout (Twitter + Workout = Tworkout) last night.  I was pleased.

I couldn’t do everything instructed but I did try everything.  Most importantly though I was actually moving – for the first time.  I was basically getting the lay of the land last night.  I didn’t know what some of the exercises were. So, I learned what they were and figured out how to do them even though I really couldn’t do all of them yet.

The exercises that I actually did complete are:

3 minutes of jogging buttkicks and jogging in place while holding 4 lb weights in each hand

40 squats with weights

40 tricep kickbacks with weights

20 bicep curls (my own addition when I couldn’t do some of the other things)

3 very pitifully uncoordinated burpees

30 second wall sit

Numerous lunges with weights when I wasn’t able to do the other exercises successfully

I weighed in this morning and have lost 5 lbs in the last two weeks.  I am pleased with that progress.  I am still working on getting into the habit of counting my WW points and recording them online. I am making smarter health choices.  When the weather warms up this weekend (snow galore) I am planning to get out and walk again.

I have stopped having sodas.  I haven’t had a soda since December 31st.  I’ve been craving my favorite Dunkin Donuts donut. I was right next door to one yesterday getting my nails done but I did NOT go in and get one (or two – as is usually the case).  I have been eating more fruit and veggies.  I wish you could lose a pound every time you made a good choice over a bad one.  But that’s not quite how it works.  I need to increase my water intake.  I just forget to drink it.  When I think of it (like right now) I drink some though.

So, while I am not doing everything perfectly I am making changes and it is working.  Things are changing.  Slowly but surely.  I plan this week to increase my activity level since I started last night with Tworkout.  I am starting slow but I am starting and know what needs to be done to do better.

One to week three!!!!


7 thoughts on “Power of One: On To Week Three

  1. Yay, Pam! You are doing GREAT! Much better than I am! LOL! I intended to give up soda for at least the first two weeks of 2011 and I didn’t make it through the first DAY! Ugh! I was out with two of my kids on the 1st and we went into McD’s for a snack and I could not so no to their fountain Coke. (It is my favorite!) OK, so, I have made it through other days without soda. But, seriously, I cheated on the first day?!?! Lame! ;oP

  2. *say* not *so* – I am seriously deprived of brain function today! LOL! DD will even testify to that. She was out with me all day and laughed at me several times! :o)

    And yes I am blonde *-ish*. The gray is beginning to take over!

    • Hahahahaha – I know what you mean!

      BTW, McD’s has the BEST Coke!! I had to force myself NOT to get one yesterday. Each day is a new one with an empty slate. We can do it together.

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