Uncommon Friends

I have decided to go with Semi-Wordless Wednesday because it’s just impossible for me to be completely wordless.  Thank you Flip Flops & Pearls. However, I learned too late that there is a theme each week.  So, I am posting these today because this is what I had in mind to share.  Next week I will actually get on track with the theme.

This entry will also count as my Friends post today for NaBloPoMo because it is pictures of strange friends.  Yesterday I wrote about Biskit & Chewey’s unfriendly friendship.  Last night I happened upon a beautiful sight. They were both in the same place at the same time.  Biskit didn’t know about it till later at which point she promptly took off hissing with her ears flat on her head.  They each sat there for a long time though before Biskit figured it out.  Of course Chewey was unphased.  He was quite proud of the fact that he could pull one over on the old girl!

This next group of pictures are of a swarm that overtook our backyard this morning.  Honestly it really creeped me out!  I hate these big bully black birds in the first place because they are just that – BULLIES!  This was especially disturbing though.  I remember that movie from long ago called The Birds.  My Mamaw let me watch it with her.  She was ON the bed and I was laying UNDER the bed.

Are they creepy or what?!?!


5 thoughts on “Uncommon Friends

  1. I have to laugh about Biskit and Chewey… my Murphy and Neko are the same way. Murphy will hiss and claw and attack while Neko just sits there sort of confused. (Not that Neko never causes trouble)

    The birds are creepy! (And we had to watch the movie in High School… creepy!)

    • faith, it helps to know there are other cats that don’t get along. my friend alli has two as well.

      the birds are not really making a mess but they have disturbed our pretty snowy yard. sigh…..

  2. Hahahahaha! Cats are so weird! Have you seen the Simon’s Cat animations at You Tube? I discovered them a couple days ago and got such a kick out of them. Except for the occasional “cat’s don’t do that” (but probably would if they could) moment, the cartoons ring so hysterically true.

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