A Special Word For My Spoonies

Ok – I have explained the Spoon Theory to you and you have seen my Spoon Bouquet.  Now I want to brag on all the wonderful spoonie friends I have found on Twitter.  I was on Twitter before but deleted my account for a few months.  When I came back I wanted a whole different group of friends – except for some of my besties of course (like Alli).  What I started discovering is that you can have true friends who don’t judge you and truly understand you without ever even knowing you.  What a blessing!  If you follow me on Twitter you will see a lot of them.  (And by the way, why haven’t you followed me on Twitter yet anyway…we need to have a chat!)  No, I don’t them personally.  Chances are I will never meet them personally.  But we get each other through the days.  When some of us have good days we encourage those who are having bad days.  That’s really what friendship is about anyway, isn’t it?  Holding one another up when we need to.  Showing up and being loyal in the rough times.

So while I don’t know someone beyond their profile picture and the 140 characters they occasionally type I feel a special bond with them.  Though they don’t share my particular illness I still know how it feels to be isolated, forgotten, discouraged and in pain, whether emotional or physical.  When I see that #spoonie hashtag I know they’re a sister/brother who needs support.  Not all of them are as blessed as I am with such an awesome support team at home.  I want to be that for others who need it. I want to make them laugh when they probably haven’t even smiled all day.  I want them to come here and read about how much I love and appreciate them when they feel unappreciated.  I want to thank them for doing the same for me on days when I am feeling the same way.

That’s how friendship works. A little give and take.  A little love and prayers.  A little cyber hug.  Because we know what each other is feeling.  We have a bond others don’t quite understand.  I am so thankful for my spoonie friends.  I know I depend on them and I want them to depend on me.  We can lean on each other.  I got your backs, spoonies!  I’m not going anywhere!

7 thoughts on “A Special Word For My Spoonies

  1. Hi, my name is Nina and I have Fibro as well as other “invisible conditions”. I loved your article and thought the spoon vase was a wonderful idea. I then went to follow you but you have me blocked. I then realized that maybe it’s because I tweet as my cat. This is a great joy to me because I meet other animal lovers as well as other #spoonies. 🙂

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