You Said Think Interesting….So I Did

This week’s theme (YAY me for remembering!) for You Capture is Doorways.  And Beth said to think “interesting”.  So, I used some special effects on my camera and thought “interesting”.  I love taking pictures.  I want to get better at it.  However, my cell phone is the only camera we have that I can actually understand.  Maybe I should take a class.  Do they offer Camera for Dummies?  I have a katrillion pictures on my cell phone.  Not sure what I am gonna do with all of them but they are there just in case….  Is there a hoarders show for pictures on your cell phone?  Hmmmmmmm

While I think about it – here are my “interesting” doorways:

Seminole Country is Through the Door into Michael's Room

Lauren's Doorway in Sepia

The Doorway into Our Bathroom in Negative Effect

Doorway Corner In Negative

I look forward to next week’s theme.  I do this whole theme photography thing.  It’s fun and challenging.  At my age, challenging keeps me awake!


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