I Chose The Road Less Traveled By

Two Roads Diverged In A Week and I choose the one less traveled by……I’m not 100% on my way to a healthy lifestyle yet.  But I’m making smarter choices.  Last night was the most recent and the ones I am proudest of.  We went to Cheddars for dinner.  I LOVE cheddars.  Because I have not had any soda since New YEars Eve day I was determined not to break that now.  So, while I always prefer a Coke when out to dinner this time I chose water.  But I REALLY wanted a coke.  Instead of a baked potato I order veggies which was VERY unlike me.  But I’m trying to cut out all white stuff.  I’m not 100% successful in that yet. But I feel good about making that decision last night.  I did order a rib-eye steak but I only ate half of it.  Ron mentioned going to get ice cream afterwards.  I did a quick look to see which ice cream would be the best choice for my WW points.  I decided a frozen yogurt would be best.  Thankfully though we went shopping for a bit before that.  Then when we all got back in the car we decided we didn’t want ice cream after all.

It’s supposed to warm up this weekend – thankfully the freeze out will break for a bit.  I plan to get out and walk when it warms up above freezing.  This healthy living is not easy.  I made some bad choices.  But Two Roads Diverged In A Week is about sharing the good choices.  One day at a time.  One positive choice at a time.

Come by the Two Roads Diverged In A Week blog hop and add your entry of positive choices you’ve made throughout the week.  Click the link at the end of the hop entry to visit the blogs and/or enter your own.

10 thoughts on “I Chose The Road Less Traveled By

  1. You might want to try a sparkling water with fresh lime or lemon next time. That way you get the bubbles (which is what I’m personally addicted to). That way you don’t feel so deprived. Just a thought.

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