The Beach Is In My Living Room

Today’s Phone Photo Friday picture is a picture of a picture.  Ron bought this painting for me on our cruise in the Dominican Republic.  A guy had a booth set up on the beach selling his paintings.  Ron bought me this one.  Lauren bought a smaller version of it for her room.  She doesn’t have hers framed yet.  Ron just framed mine last night.  When I woke up and went downstairs this morning.  This is what I saw.

Beach in the Dominican Republic

It is on our mantel. As you can see it is huge!  I positively love it.  I’m looking forward to finding a place for it.  It will be a challenge to find a spot because it is so big.  I want to put it in our bedroom.  But I want the walls painted first.  I want to pain them an aqua color like the water in Nassau.  Breathtaking!!  It’s a little like the beach is in my living room – except without the sand.  Thank goodness!!!


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