My Prissy Spoonie

Today I am gonna focus on one particular friend.  She and I met in an unusual way, at the time. Now it’s quite normal to meet friends this way. She and I both battle Fibromyalgia.  We have a number of things in common. We were destined to become friends. She is very special to me and I cherish her as one of my closest friends. I have come to feel like I know all of her family personally. I have only met her husband and daughter personally but I expect to meet the rest of them some day in the future. About 13 years ago I came up on a Yahoo Group for those of us with Fibromyalgia. I joined it.  It is the first Yahoo group I have ever joined. There were many more to come but this group is more like family. We spend every day chit chatting throughout the day. Sometimes we make each other laugh, sometimes we make each other cry, sometimes we tell it like it is to one another and ALL the time we support each other.

In 2001 we all (those who were able to make it) joined together in Gatlinburg for a long weekend in a mountain cabin. It was an amazing time of love, laughing, shopping and playing. It was fabulous. Priscilla and I shared a special bond after that reunion. I count her as a sister. Our Yahoo group is still together.  We call ourselves Fibro-Sisters. Priscilla is close to my heart and I love her unconditionally. We have met a couple of other times since that weekend in Gatlinburg. Those are days I cherish and are always the highlight of that time of my life.

Last September I was in Dallas for a conference with my husband and his company. The conference went from Thursday-Saturday. But we go a few days early so that I can spend some time with Priscilla who also lives in the area. This last visit we went to lunch, talked non-stop, went to her daughter’s school (where she teaches drama – ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ) and then we went back to her house and just hung out and talked some more. She bought me Big Red!!! Does she know me or what? One of the teachers at her daughter’s high school took a picture of us. Here it is:

Me, Priscilla and her daughter Laura

Our illness may have brought us together in 1998 but in 2011 love and genuine friendship hold us together. Now THAT is a true friend. I love her like a sister and always will.

I love you, Priscilla (and Laura too). I’m proud to call you my friend, my fellow spoonie and my Fibro-Sister.


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