Make A Spoonie’s Job Easier

This post is going to be so helpful you are going to wonder why I haven’t written a book on the topic yet.  And when you see the topic you will crack up at the idea of my knowing enough about it to fill a book.  This is something that I just HATE. I feel fairly certain in saying that most women do.  We hate it because we have to do it again and again and again for years and years and years….over and over and over….there is no end to it.  And we rarely get any thanks or most of the time very little help.  What help we do get is often done as a result of bribing or threatening. And even then it is done half-heartedly and begrudgingly.  If you haven’t figured it out by now I am talking about HOUSEWORK!!  Oh how I hate it!!  I must say I don’t hate it as much as I do cooking but it’s right up there in my top 3 least favorite parts of being a housewife. Laundry being the third.  Can I get an amen?!?!  Thank you!  I actually think I heard that!

In addition to just generally disliking it if one has an illness that zaps your energy as I do – like all of us spoonies do, then you are looking for the easiest and least exhausting way to complete the task.  About a year and a half ago I went on the hunt for ways to make my jobs around here less tasking on my body and less draining of my precious energy. I found a number of products that help me in this goal.  I initially intended to write this post directed at my spoonie-sisters.  Then I started thinking about all of those in the sisterhood of women who need a quick way to complete these laborsome tasks.  Maybe you work outside the home and don’t have much time to spend carting around all the products around the house in the evenings cleaning.  So, ladies, this is for all of us.

My initial reason for finding these products though was to make it easier on me physically and to preserve as many spoons as possible and still get the job done.  So, this afternoon I went to Target and felt like a professional blogger standing in the cleaning aisle taking pictures of products.  I prefer to think of it that way than to think of it as the crazy lady in the cleaning aisle taking pictures of products.  I would appreciate it if you would refer to me as the professional blogger and not the crazy lady. Thank you!

Now I do have a husband (who is an incredible help to me) and two teenagers (who are not as incredibly helpful unless money is involved – which I am not above doing) who help around the house.  I hate to ask them to do anything actually because I am the one that’s home all day. So, I try to do as much as I can. We have 3 bathrooms – one downstairs and two upstairs.  I generally clean the bathrooms. I do have the kids clean their tub/shower and Ron to clean our tub/shower because those are too hard on me to do.  I generally do all the vacuuming. I have everyone pick up and put away their own belongings though.  The kids do their own laundry and I do mine and Ron’s laundry plus the towels.  The kids take turns doing the dishes. They are SUPPOSED to wipe down the counters when they do the dishes but they rarely do that.  Lauren is good about sweeping for me.  Michael does all the garbage (after about 800 reminders – UGH).  That’s a quick run-down of how the responsibilities play out.  Now on with how I manage my jobs.

Here are the products I use to clean the bathrooms.  Yes it is a little pricier to buy these products then buying the large bottles and using rags.  But if the job is gonna get done then I am gonna use the products that make it easiest for me.

Windex wipes make cleaning the mirrors easy and quick.  Wipe and throw away.  How simple is that.  And obviously you can buy the generic brands of these products and it will be cheaper.  But I got pics of the name brand products for this entry because they would be easier to recognize.

These wipes are the best idea I ever had.  I usually buy this 3 pack because I have 3 bathrooms.  I put one bottle in each bathroom. Super easy to wipe down the sink, counter and toilet. Takes about 30 seconds and then throw it away. So, even if you are just in there washing your hands or throwing something away it’s super easy to grab and wipe and wipe something down. Takes very little energy and it’s mega quick to clean something. There’s no carrying one spray bottle and a sponge or rag from bathroom to bathroom. BRILLIANT if I do say so myself.

Another product that I love.  No nasty brush sitting around in dirty water collecting at the bottom of a cup. No bottle to have to squirt under the rim.  You have a wand that rest in a container that opens up and stores the toilet bowl cleaning sponges.  The sponges already have the cleaner in them.  When you put them in the water it suds up and you swish it around.  When you are done you push a button on the wand and the sponge pops off into the trashcan.  I general will run the end of the wand around on a tissue or something already in the trash to dry it off.  Then you replace the wand.  Very little effort.  And it suds up quickly so you aren’t bent over the toilet killing your back for long.  You buy this inital packet once and then you just buy the sponge refills seen in the next picture.  I keep one of these wands in each bathroom.  In the beginning I just would buy one a month until I had one for each bathroom because they do cost a bit to initially stock them.


This product is incredible.  After you clean the toilet you squirt a dollop of this cleaning gel inside the toilet under the rim out of sight.  It keeps the bathroom smelling clean but it also keeps the toilet clean until you clean it again.  The gel stays put for about 10 days.  Eventually it just washes away.  I have a box of these in each bathroom so no running around.

I have one of these in the kids’ shower.  Our shower is too small and doesn’t need something quite as widespread.  You can buy the refills for it.  The trick is getting the kids to remember to use it.

This is what we use in our bathroom.  We have a stand up shower and a separate bathtub.  This works great on shower doors.  The trick here is remembering to restock it.  They do sell it in large quantity bottles so you can just refill it.  Because I don’t clean the showers/tubs it’s hard for me to remember to buy it when we run out.  But when we do have it we use it faithfully.

This is one of my favorite products to use.  I do all of the dusting unless I ask someone to do it for me. The Swiffer line of products are wonderful! They make all kinds of housecleaning so much easier to do for everyone.

After the initial purchase of the mop these products are so simple to use.  I like to use a different Swiffer liquid that attaches to a mop to use when I mop. But these are great for small jobs like my bathrooms.  They are super light so they don’t make you sore the next day.

This is my favorite newest discovery.  When my dad was in the hospital for his cancer surgery mom and I stayed at a hotel since his hospital was a 45 minute drive from their home.  After about 5 days I needed to do some laundry so I ran across the street from the hotel to Walmart one evening after being at the hospital all day and bought this. (my mom thought they were Oreo cookies – which we had a HUGE laugh over her trying to eat them – a much needed laugh after a long week)  I took them to the hotel laundry room and they were so easy to use that I decided from then on I was gonna use them from now on.  Look at the next picture and you will see why.

It is detergent, softener and a dryer sheet all on one sheet.  And it’s for top and front load washer/dryers.  Now you don’t have to buy 3 different products to do one load of laundry.  And there is no lifting a heavy container of detergent or measuring anything out.  Purex is BRILLIANT!

I hope you might have picked up an idea or two from my cleaning supply recommendations.  I would say all of them are my favorites because they don’t wear me out and they make a job quicker.  Do you have any product suggestions that you could suggest that might make another job easier for us spoonies/exhausted women?  We have to help a girl out!  What are friends for?  Us girls have to stick together!

7 thoughts on “Make A Spoonie’s Job Easier

  1. Love love love the Tilex shower stuff – all i use. i also use the 7th generation spray in my kitchen with a microfiber cloth. Keeps my counter tops clean and germ free. I especially like it for my cutting boards etc. haven’t tried the toilet wands b/c I use a product from QVC One thing i do with laundry is buy the large liquid thingy with a spout – only have to lift it once to put it on the shelf but i’m not sure they still have those so i’ll have to refill it.. I don’t use fabric softener on towels or microfiber (b/c it cuts down on absorbancy) so the combo won’t work. Have you tried the Clorox all purpuse stuff that doen’t have bleach – hoping that someone who reads this can tell us if they clean well.

    • Our laundry detergent is on a shelf above my head so reaching up there is difficult.

      I am hoping someone will give us more ideas too. Ron doesn’t understand why I spend extra money on these things. HA but he doesn’t live in my skin. When he cleans he carries his fav stuff room to room. Makes no sense to me. But if he is the one cleaning more power to him. Ha

  2. What a wonderful blog, and so comical lol. I always wondered if the Purex 3-in-1 worked, so now I know..and I use almost every cleaning product you use..they are wonderful. Thanks for all of the great tips!!

    • You should have seen mom trying to open that blue package trying to get oreos out of it. I just stood back and watched until she figured it out. Hahahhahahhahahahha we were both so exhausted and needed that laugh.

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