Thirteen Qualities of a True Friend

I haven’t done a Thursday Thirteen list in a while. So I thought I might incorporate today’s NaBloPoMo entry with my Thursday Thirteen entry.  So, here are 13 qualities a true friend should exhibit:

1.  Sincere concern about the other

2.  Unconditional love

3.  Laugh at each other’s jokes

4.  Willingness to be open

5.  Regular prayer

6.  Sincere concern for the other’s well being

7.  Honesty

8.  Tell each other if their slip is showing

9.  Effort to make time for one another

10. Make sacrifices for each other

11. Listen to their complaints

12. Buy good presents

13. Be a sounding board


3 thoughts on “Thirteen Qualities of a True Friend

  1. I couldn’t agree with these traits more. I don’t think I can pick the best. There was a movie (I think it was a little kids, girly movei) but the main character talked about how if you have more real friends than you can count on one hand it is a lot. I guess i am just glad that I have people like this in my life.


    If you think of the movie let me know

  2. Good post. Lot sof people don’t take time to cultivate their friendships and it’s a great loss, or can be. Thanks for the reminder that to have friends you shoudl be one!

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