Always By My Side

Today I thought I would introduce you to my best friend in the world!  This person is always right by my side.  They are constantly supportive.  They correct me when I need correcting whether I like it or not – most of the time I DON’T! They take care of me. We have known each other for 25 years.  Believe it or not I have not always thought of this person as my best friend. But over the years we have grown closer and closer. I’ve learned that a true best friend is someone you wouldn’t want to live without.  That’s how I know this person is my best friend in the world.

Me and my BFFL (Best Friend For Life)

Meet my husband, Ron.  He’s kinda cute, isn’t he? Aren’t I the lucky girl!?!?

You know, it took me a long time to learn that he is my best friend.  I always kind of kept him and my girlfriends in different categories for some reason. But the more I’ve learned about friendship the more I realize that he truly is my best friend.  Not sure why it took me so long to realize that.  But everything I listed in yesterday’s entry about the signs of a true friend fit HIM. Well, except for the part about telling him if his slip is showing.  If he had a slip to show then we would have a serious problem.

We met in 1985 – started dating in 1986 and got married in 1987.  He’s only gotten better with age.  I’m not easy to live with – and neither is he – but we make it work. Any issues that come up we deal with.  It might take longer sometimes to get around to dealing with them then other times.  But we are committed to one another for the length of our lives.  Sometimes that takes more work then other times.  As time has evolved I’ve learned that I can trust him with every little corner of my life. I want the best for him and he wants the best for me. He doesn’t judge me and I don’t judge him. I am no longer afraid to speak up and tell him just how I feel about something. I used to have a hard time with that. I used to think I had noone to confide in. But after 25 years of practice I’m starting to figure that out.

I think the greatest thing I have learned in our marriage is that I am not gonna change him. If something needs to change it is probably inside of myself. If I worry about making sure my attitude is right then somehow it all pans out. And the most important part of friendship – as it should be with any friendship – is communication. We have worked on that one for years. I have to remind myself of that a lot. He cannot read my mind and I cannot read his. So we have to talk – or draw pictures – he likes to draw diagrams and pictures when he talks. I just let him although 99.9% of the time they aren’t necessary.

Anyway, my husband is my best friend. I’ve learned over time that this is the way it’s supposed to be. Can you honestly say that your spouse is your best friend?


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