Had A Dog With A New Twitter Friend…Yummmmmm

Have made a friend but never seen them? If you have spent any time whatsoever on the internet then the answer must be yes! A few months ago I discovered a new friend on Twitter. I’m not sure now exactly what drew me to her. But I discovered that she also lives in my area. During the college football season our favorite teams played each other. Of course there was a little smack talk. Because, hey, that’s what sports fans do. My Florida State Seminoles played her Virginia Tech Hokies. We placed a friendly wager on the game. If my team won we would meet and she would buy me lunch. If her team won we would meet and I would buy her lunch.

Well, my Seminoles didn’t do so great that day and her Hokies won. It was totally a fluke, I’m sure! But I am true to my word and this past Saturday we met at a local hot dog place so I could pay my debt. It ended up not being such a big sacrifice because she is super sweet and we have a lot in common – plus she didn’t eat much so I didn’t have to fork over too much money. I will be sending the bill to Jimbo Fisher at Florida State though to be reimbursed. Hmph!

So, please meet my new friend, Suzy! She was a pretty good winner. I tried not to be too sore of a loser.

A Seminole and a Hokie Can Be Friends


We have plans to meet again. And I guarantee  you when our teams meet again SHE will be buying next time!  Luv ya, Suzy! Oh and I’m glad neither one of us was an ax murderer. You just never know when you meet someone in real like that you met online first. I left my tomahawk at home. And she left her hokie-gun at home or whatever kind of weapon a hokie uses – whatever a hokie even IS.


You should check out Suzy’s sites. She designs Blogger blogs at Blog Sites By Suzy. She blogs regularly at Not A Fertile Myrtle. Her family blog is at Icenhour Family. Her hubs just got back from a mission trip to Ecuador with the Gideons. You can read all about the blessing he experienced while there last week on the Icenhour Family blog.  Plus she has the sweetest funniest dog in the world (shhhhh don’t tell Faith I said that!). His name is Marty and he has his own Twitter.  Adorable – just like his mommy!

This lunch happened to fill my Finding the Happy and my Perfect Moments Monday entries for this week too. It was just that cool!!



6 thoughts on “Had A Dog With A New Twitter Friend…Yummmmmm

  1. I had SUCH a fabulous time with you too! It was wonderful meeting in person! And we Hokies don’t have a weapon like you crazy Noles fans! 🙂

    Can’t wait for our next lunch outing!

    Love ya too!!!

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