Pantry Raid

I’m finally getting with the program over at Home Tour Tuesday. After about a month I discovered there was a theme for each week. Therefore I just straightened up my pantry a bit so I can post pictures of it here. It’s no surprise to any of my friends that the kitchen is unknown territory for me. I do cook occasionally. Today is gonna be one of those days. So I had to go in there anyway – might as well take some pictures for this entry today. Just FYI I am making potato soup in my new crock pot today. I know I haven’t posted pics of it yet but I will get some today.

Anyway, I really like our pantry. It’s big and has lots of places you can shove stuff to hide it when you wanna trick the grocery buyer (Ron) into thinking we don’t have anymore of something yucky. heeheehee – now you know I wouldn’t do that……..I would just throw it away and take out the trash! Lately though he’s been shopping at Costco. So, those things are a little harder to hide because they are HUGE!!! I’m sure you will see a few in my pictures. Here we go with those pictures!

The Doors That HIde The Abundance

You get just a peak at our beautiful tile floor that Ron and Michael laid themselves in December 2009. I love it! It hides the dirt so I can go weeks without thinking I need to sweep or mop. But I digress with my ways to avoid housework. Back to the Pantry!

Top Shelf for Bulk Storage and Small Appliances

That top shelf really needs to be cleaned up and rearranged. As soon as I’m finished with this I will probably go do that because the little bit of OCD in me won’t let it go for much longer now that I’ve focused on it. Grrrrrrrrrrrr

Canned Goods and Other Stuff

There is a sense of organization to the pantry. Not sure you can tell much about it in these pics. The shelves haven’t been straightened up in a few months. Sorry about that! It is about time to pull it all out and reorganize. And I’d also like to have wooden shelves in there because those wire shelves sag. There is already too much sagging going on around this house!

The Snack Section

Our snack section is full of healthy snack bars and healthy drink mixes. You can imagine how exciting it is to the kids. There is one basket that has pop tarts in it. And the basket behind that one has microwave popcorn. The rest is full of healthy choices. Hey, we’re trying!!

The Other Snack Section

This side is for chips. Our chips section mostly consists of tortilla chips. Occasionally there will be potato chips of different flavors but they don’t usually last long. If you are a teenager and you go to our pantry you find healthy snack bars on the right and the rare potato chip on the left – which one do you pick? Yeah, that’s why chips don’t last long around here. There are also rice cakes. They seem to last a while too.


Then we have the storage section. Cleaning products and pet supplies on the left. Paper towels and storage/trash bags on the right.  The floor is for the pet food. Each of the large containers on the floor there is for cat food (left) and dog food (right). And then of course on the left we have vinegar – who doesn’t need vinegar storage? That is thanks to the MIL-of-the-Year. She keeps us stocked up on vinegar. Apparently you can use vinegar for everything you could possibly need to do in the house. Also more Costco veggie storage.

I think we do a pretty good job of getting a bunch of junk stuffed in that little space. Great, now I’m hungry!

Next week is the linen closet! That gives me a week to clean it! I’m off!!!!!!!


6 thoughts on “Pantry Raid

  1. Great, I’m hungry too! Guess I’ll pick a poptart. I definitely need to give the storage baskets a try. We have way too many half empty boxes of stuff taking up room

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