My Two Best Girls Give Me A Heart Full Of Joy

I’m happy to share my Phone Photo Friday entry today. It’s a picture of my two best girls!

My Favorite Girls

Faith got a good grooming on Monday.  I love when they trim up her face really short. Then you can see those big beautiful brown eyes up close. She is so precious. Then when Lauren got home from school and soccer she just had to cuddle up with Faith for a bit.  Faith loves to cuddle and Lauren loves to do the cuddling. They are so sweet together.

Each of them make my life happier. Faith makes my life happier because she loves to snuggle.  She HAS to be touching me in some way. If my lap is available she is there. Sometimes she sits and stares at me until I clear my lap so she can climb on. She has serious separation anxiety when I leave. When she sees me putting on REAL clothes she starts whining. When I come home she is just beside herself with excitement. Who doesn’t love someone jumping all over you and lick every inch of your body? That’s love – no doubt!!

Lauren makes me happy because she is funny. We all have a sarcastic sense of humor and she is the queen of sarcasm. She has us all rolling constantly. We all love to laugh and she is our leader! She is independent and strong-willed. That is challenging at this point but I know in her future as an adult it will serve her well. She is not afraid to stand up for herself and confront those she feels have wronged her or her friends. She is definitely one you want on your side. She is beautiful (as you can see) but not proud. She is the complete package and a daughter to be proud of – which I am.

So I captured a beautiful picture of my two favorite girls! They make my life happy and my heart full of joy.


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