Do You Love Me? Yes or No?

Happy Saturday from a sunny Nashville!  It’s still chilly but it’s sunny and beautiful outside. The sun has been a rare visitor the last few weeks. So today’s bright and happy sunshininess (my new word for today) is even more welcome. I just went out to the mailbox. As soon as I stepped in the sunshine I could feel feed my spirit and fill me with it’s warm light. I’ve wondered for ages about how to explain that feeling that I get when I step out into the sun, raise my face toward the sky and soak it in. I haven’t found the words yet. But I feel like it is a friend who brings you such joy when you see them after a long absence.

Glorious Blue Sky

The sun brings beautiful blue skies when it comes to visit. The pure blue sky feels like a breath of fresh air. That big deep breath you get after you have felt sad for so long? That’s what seeing the glorious bright and pure blue of the sky on a sunny day. That pure joy you feel when you see a special friend after such a long absence? That’s what the bright blue sky of a sunny day feels like.

The Bright Happy Sun

There is the friend! There is the long lost friend I’ve longed to see. If I could hug it, I would! Hello my friend. It’s been too long since I’ve seen you. Let’s not let so much time separate us anymore. True friends should see one another regularly. In our relationship the time we spend together is all up to you.

If you really loved me you would come around more often……Do you love me?  Yes or No? Because I love you!

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