Let’s Start Snappin’

Have you heard about the 365 Project? It is a project that involves keeping a pictorial diary of the year. Each day you take a picture and you post it so that at the end of the year you have an “album” of the year. As we all know here taking pictures is my new love. I adore taking pictures of everything! I’m thinking this project is right up my alley.  There is even a site set up specifically for this idea. You just go there and create your own page.  I am excited about the idea. I’m gonna check it out to see if that is where I want to keep it or if I want to create a separate blog for this purpose.

Has anyone else created a 365 project site? If you have, please share it with me here. I love the idea and would love to see how you are doing yours. Have you even heard of it? I heard about it about a week ago but figured since it was already well into the year I probably couldn’t participate.  But then I figured, why not? That just means that I just go a little further into 2012 then those started on January 1, 2011.  So, it’s not too late for me – or for you! Why don’t you join me! We can be 365 buddies!

I am going out with my girlfriend tonight so I figure what a good time to start. I will take some pics of our evening out and start with those. So, jump on over to the 365 Project site and check it out with me.  If you decide to jump on the  band wagon don’t forget to leave me a link to your site – whether you create a page there or somewhere else.

Let’s start snappin’!


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