Pam’s 365 Project

Not sure if you have heard about the 365Project or not. It is a project designed to allow you to make a pictorial diary a total year – 365 days.  There is a special website set up for those of us participating.  The idea is not to just post 365 any old pictures. You share a specific picture that you have taken that particular day. So it is literally your year in pictures. I’m excited about the idea. I’m excited about the project. If you already participate in the project please leave me your link in my comments so I can follow you. Whoever thought this up is brilliant. I adore taking pictures as you all have probably noticed already because there is usually a picture in every single entry I write. You can find the button for my 365Project page in my left sidebar right under my blog button. It looks the same as my blog button except it says “Pam’s 365 Project”.

Here is the button that will take you right to my 365 site. Come on by and check out the project!


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