Romance Downtown

My city is positively beautiful and incredibly romantic. I love it! I love walking along the river with my sweetheart. There are so many incredible spots. There are parks everywhere. We have gorgeous river shots since the Cumberland River weaves all through it. Because it is Music City it has unique locations. Just about anywhere you go you will find the perfect spot to take a picture. We have so many historical landmarks from civil war battlefields to U.S. presidential homes. That’s a wide range. Today’s Sundays In My City picture is taken downtown next to the Cumberland River one evening after a date.

Downtown Nashville by the Cumberland

It is such a romantic spot to walk after a date on Second Ave. There are tons of romantic historical restaurants as well as various live music venue locations in those old buildings. Then First Ave is lined with waterfront locations including a park, a train station, a historic Fort Nashborough…the list of attractions goes on. And that is just two blocks of riverfront downtown. Nashville is beautiful! I love sharing it with you each Sunday.

Now I would love to see shots of your beautiful city. Jump on over to Mami’s site and take part in Sundays In My City. We can all take a trip each weekend to one another’s cities. I could use a weekend away. Couldn’t you?


3 thoughts on “Romance Downtown

    • Thank you Tara. I have a gorgeous picture of it during the daytime too. But I couldn’t find it on any computer or phone in this entire house. Grrrrrrrrr guess I”ll just have to take another trip downtown to take another one. 😀

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