Blessed To Be Alli’s Friend

About eight years or so ago I met a homeschool mom on a yahoo email group for TN homeschoolers.  At the time our church hosted a biweekly homeschool support group/tutorial. I led the women’s Bible study while our children were in classes.  After a time of getting to know her via the email group I invited her to our homeschool group. I enjoyed the time getting to know her over the weeks and months. She wasn’t attending church anywhere at the time so I invited her to our church. I didn’t know at that time but she would grow to become very important to me.

Her name is Alli and I consider her to be right up there with one of my very favorite people in the world. I love her like a sister. Some days I’m not sure how I would get through the day without her. We very seldom see one another even though we only live about 6 minutes apart. But if you checked my cell phone records you would see how much she means to me. Some days we text all day long. She is a sweet, compassionate, non-judgemental and caring friend who loves unconditionally. She is still a homeschool mom while we put our kids back in public school 4 years ago. I never once got the feeling that she judged me for that decision. That is important and kind of rare in SOME homeschooling circles – although not all of them.

We have a lot in common actually and yet we are very different in other areas. I think what I love most about her is that we are connected at the spirit. No we haven’t seen each other in a very long time. But we don’t really need to see each other. I know what’s going on in her life and she knows what’s going on in mine because we make sure we make the effort to stay connected. All of our kids know who Miss Alli and Miss Pam are. I can count on her to be available for me in any instance. I hope that she feels the same way. We pray for one another regularly. We know specifically what is going on so that we can lift one another up in prayer. I feel safe confiding in her and she feels safe confiding in me. We trust one another that what we say to each other stops  at our cell phones.

My day just isn’t completely without checking in with her. She is never far from my mind. God blessed me when he connected us all those years ago in that email group. And I am forever grateful that He did. She is a blessing in my life every day. Alli, I love you! Thank you for being my friend.


3 thoughts on “Blessed To Be Alli’s Friend

  1. Awww…I LOVE you too. You are extremely special to me, in ways that words can never convey. You left out one important detail…you led me to the Lord. You were also standing over me during my baptism praising the whole way through (left the choir to be by my side). In a world where I swore off letting anyone close to me ever again, you managed to get right in there and have become one of the very, very few people a trust completely. I don’t know what I’d ever do without you, and hope to never find out.

    About that seeing each other more part…we gotta work on that ;-).

    ❤ ❤ ❤
    (and I'll forgive you for posting a picture of me…haha)

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