Give Yourself A Gold Star

Today is the final day for NaBloPoMo for January 2011. The theme has been Friends. If I had 31 friends it might have been easier to complete. But I made it through. I have written about specific friends that I have, shared a poem, shared a you tube video about how to be on the lookout for a person who needs a friend, wrote entries inspired by a quote on friendship, written entries about specific character qualities that make a good friend, used scripture references on friendship, shared examples of friends in scripture, shared examples of good friends as well as bad friends from my life, shared many pictures of my friends and shared many other views on friendship. Let me just say that it isn’t easy writing about one subject every day for 31 days. WOW! It has been challenging to find out creative ways to basically say the same thing every day.

Here I was on January 1, 2011:

Happy to Write

Here I was at about January 15, 2011 until today:


However, I made it! I survived it! I wrote about friends in some way, shape or form every single day this month. I even have one more to share beyond this one. Who knew when the month finally came to an end I would have an extra one to share. I feel like my writing has gotten stale. For that reason I will not be participating in NaBloPoMo for February. I need some time off from assigned writing every single day. I wanna write about nothing! I remember with such sweet memories the NaBloPoMo writing assignment for November…..there was no theme. Ahhhhh those were the days….the good ole days! Write about nothing…NOTHING I can do! I can do that very well.

I created the original button used for NaBloPoMo for the January challenge:

So it is only fitting that I create the button to end the challenge with!

Thank you all for reading each day. I feel a great sense of accomplishment. I have a special gift for those of you who are a faithful reader. Here is a special button I created just for you. Please take it (along with the coding) and post it on your blog proudly. I write for you. You make me happy every day. I just wanted to create something special to show you how much you mean. You are a perfect moment in my day. This is a gift from me to you!

**This post also qualifies for my Perfect Moment Monday post and my Finding the Happy post because it’s just a great day all around. Please click the links to read other’s perfect happy moments and consider joining in and sharing yours as well.

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