I Wanna Cuddle Ewe

My new favorite animals are a group of sheep raised in the Cheviot Hills – between Scotland and England.  Their wool is used to produce my favorite product, my Cuddle Ewe Underquilt. The Cuddle Ewe underquilts are a bit on the pricey side. But the comfort and support it provides my pain wracked body makes it worth every penny.  It is by far my favorite surprise gift my sweet husband ever bought me for my Fibromyalgia. The Queen size underquilt was $349. I can’t count the number of days I have now woken up with very little to no pain at all.

The Cuddle Ewe

The underquilt is made of Cheviot wool because my sweet favorite little sheep produce the thickest and softest wool of any other New Zealand animals. You would naturally think sleeping on wool would make you too warm at night. But the way the wool absorbs moisture, insulataes your body and supports and distributes weight away from my Fibromyalgia’s pressure points is an excellent combination.  Can you imagine sleeping with no pressure on all those painful points you battle every night?

So, yes, the price is $349 for a Queen size but the nights of perfect comfort make it completely worth it, as I’ve said. Knowing how important restorative sleep is to everyone but especially those of us with a chronic illness it is a small price to pay for a full night of restorative sleep.

I love those sweet wee sheep in the Cheviot Hills.  Bless their little hearts.


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