What’s Not To Love

I am participating in a challenge this month from CafeMom about improving my relationship with my hubs, Ron. Yesterday’s assignment was to share 10 things that I love about him. Have you ever sat down and made a list of at least 10 reasons/things you love about your spouse? Sometimes when things get a little sluggish in our marriages it helps to remember the reasons we fell in love with them in the first place. Chances are your reasons you fell in love is just the beginning of the reasons you love them now. The challenge was to list 10 things. I think I could have gone on a while. So, here is my list. I think it would be awesome if we all accepted this challenge. If you choose to do so please leave me a link to your post. I’d love to read yours too.

10 Things I Love About Ron

1. His work ethic.

2. His loyalty to me in spite of my failures to him. He sticks with me no matter what.

3. How he takes care of me.

4. His commitment to us.

5. That he tells me how much he loves me when I feel so useless and unattractive.

6. That he is an amazing example to Michael of what a Godly husband is supposed to be.

7. That he is an amazing example to Lauren of what a Godly husband is supposed to be.

8. That he is a committed and caring friend he his to his personal friends.

9. What a caring and Godly leader he is to his employees and our denomination.

10. He can fix anything and everything around the house – and he cooks too!



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