I Have Captured RED

You Capture is up and running over at Beth’s blog. I just took a venture through my house looking for items that fit the theme – RED. Here is what I discovered. Red doesn’t seem to be a popular color for us. I think we need more red in our lives. What is a life with the color red? Red brings with it the feeling of passion and anger! Wait….maybe more red isn’t such a good idea…….Ok – here’s what I’ve got:

Welcome to our home!

When we were building our home I made sure that the builders knew that I wanted a RED front door. And I must say that I love it. The previous blog I had was titled Beyond The Red Door. A red door seems welcoming to me. I think it brings attention to the home and makes people wonder what is happening beyond that red door. Come on in and see.

The Animals Special Food Mat

Ron’s step-mom, Rose, made this for Faith and Biskit (and now Chewey). Isn’t it adorable. It has little scottie dogs on it. Faith isn’t a scottie dog but she still loves it. It helps to keep the area clean. I just love it! Thanks, Rose!

The Favorite Blanket

This is the favorite blanket in the house. It is warm and wooly. It’s especially nice to take to soccer games. It’s just right to wrap up in and stay warm. Sometimes there are arguments over who gets the red blanket. I like it when I break up the fight and just settle it by taking it for myself. After all, I am the Mama!

Warm Fleece Jammies

My MIL-of-the-Year got me these super warm and cozy red fleece jammies for Christmas one year. They are super warm. Wrap up in that red blanket with these red jammies on and you are gonna be super toasty!

For Days I HAVE To Go Out

And for those days when I have to come out of the cozy jammies and warm wool blanket I have to use my new RED flat iron that my hubs got me for Christmas this year.

We may not have a lot of red around here. But the important things, I have noticed, are red! Now I feel like a cozy snuggle with Faith in the warm red wool blanket in my warm red fleece jammies. Thanks for hanging here with me for Red You Capture day!


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