Creepy, Freaky, Eery, Ominous, Scary, Bipoloar

Today’s weather has been majorly bipolar! One minute it is sunny. The next minute it is black. The next minute it is both! I have been outside with my trusty Droid camera taking pictures of it because, in a creepy way, it is beautiful. We were supposed to get up to an inch of snow. I think earlier it rained/sleeted/snowed for about 5 minutes. By looking at the sky you would think we were gonna get a blizzard. Here is what I’ve been watching.

Can we decide what we are gonna do please?

See what I mean by bipolar? And it’s really kinda freaky!


Now that is creepy! See that one blue spot in the middle? Freaky!

About an hour later.....

Yes, that is the sun! Not sure what’s going on in Nashville today. But I’m a little bit scared! Someone fix it! Make it stop cause it’s scaring me.

It makes for the perfect Skywatch Friday entry. I wonder how many other people around the world have eery skies today. I will go the Skyley blog and find out.


3 thoughts on “Creepy, Freaky, Eery, Ominous, Scary, Bipoloar

  1. Yikes! That looks nasty! Several years ago, I was driving to the Creation Museum with the kiddos. On our way there, we encountered some rain and storms. As I was driving through Charleston, WV, on the Interstate, it was bright and sunny on “my” side, but I was driving straight into a bad storm. The sky was dark as it could be. I looked left and saw no end to the darkness. I looked right and saw no end. It was creepy! I *so* wish I could have taken a picture!

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