Put The Camels Away

Yesterday was a dud of a day inside of my skin. I wanted to come here and write but my brain was so foggy with Fibro Fog that I could barely put together 140 characters to tweet. But somehow I did manage to do that about 100x.  You’re welcome! And I had a number of thoughts running through my head to blog about. I should have written them down because who knows what they were now. So today is a new list of things to write about. Maybe the others will come back and maybe they won’t. Interestingly enough the things that are popping into my head today seem to be controversial things. I don’t like conflict, if you remember from a previous entry. So I often shy away from controversial topics. However, I am also led by the power of the Holy Spirit in my life and when something gets on my mind to share I feel like it is the Lord telling me share it. So, if I offend anyone….well, you know….

Smoking has been on my mind a lot lately. Honestly I think it’s because of two things from the last few weeks. First of all, I have watched The View a few times again. Why do I do that? It’s pure torture! One day Whoopi was on her rant about not being able to smoke in certain places in NYC. Whatever! It doesn’t only affect YOUR lungs when you smoke around us! Secondly, last Friday was Women’s Heart Disease Awareness Day. I heard one snippet that stuck in my head from a specialist on The Talk (much more reasonable program to watch). She said a lot of stuff and I wasn’t really paying that much attention.  But I did hear her say one way to prevent women’s heart disease.  She said “stay away from cigarette smoke”. Notice she didn’t say “don’t smoke” but “STAY AWAY FROM cigarette smoke”.  What does that tell me? Stay away from not only smoking but also from THOSE WHO SMOKE AND FORCE US TO BREATHE IN THEIR SECOND HAND SMOKE.

I suppose the reason this topic is so important to me is because I have lost a GREAT NUMBER of very important people in my life to diseases caused by cigarettes – both by smoking them and by breathing in their second hand smoke day in and day out. As long as I live I will never be able to look at a package of Camel cigarettes and not think and something say out loud (I know you are shocked by that) “Those things will kill you”. The first death of a person close to me because of cigarettes was my Papaw – Melvin Hughes in 1986. I was a sophomore in college. He was by far one of the most important people in my life. When he died a part of me died with him. Someday I will share the story of his death with you. But after losing a part of his lung to cancer after years of smoking Camels his life was stolen from those of us who loved him. We wanted to keep him around much much longer. We could have kept him around much longer if only he had not selfishly insisted on continuing to smoke for so many years.

I could go on and on with the list of family members who died with lung cancer or heart disease after years of living with those who smoked. It’s not an easy thing for those of us who love them to watch them kill themselves a little more every day and who damage their family a little more every day because of their addiction. Smoking causes cancer – cancer is a killer – Smoking and it’s related diseases that go with it steal those we love from us one after another. We love you! We want you around as long as possible. Please take care of yourself and do what you have to do to live! Put the Camels away and live for us!


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