“Spontaneous” Sweet Shot

Today is my first Sweet Shot Tuesday entry. I’m looking forward to it. I love sharing pictures. I don’t know how much you all love seeing them. But I love sharing them. The idea for the Sweet Shot Tuesday meme is to post your best picture you have taken during the last week. Most of my pictures are either of Faith or the cats. Then this week I had about 100 stinkin’ shots of me trying to get one that I liked. Finally gave up – still have to delete all of them.

One afternoon after school the kids just got home and were standing around talking to me about their day when suddenly Lauren just threw her arms around her brother and gave him a big squeeze. At first he pushed her away but I said I wanted to get a picture of it. So after recreating the “spontaneous” hug about 4 times (till I got a good shot) this is what we got. Faith looks a little demon possessed or something but she wasn’t really the focus.

Just A "Spontaneous" Hug

If you overlook the insane dog isn’t the picture sweet? Definitely the best picture of my week!!

Jump over to Darcy’s blog and share your Sweet Shot of the week too. I’m looking forward to seeing it. You can either click any of the links in this post or click on the button under my Tuesday section on the left. Can’t wait!!


3 thoughts on ““Spontaneous” Sweet Shot

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  2. It is very sweet. I hope my kids have that when they get older. We’re about the same age and you have such grown kids. I so wanted to start earlier but it was not God’s plan.

    Thank you kindly for your comment on my post.

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